Error BIGELOWE please help

Please help Coalition. I can’t play Gears 4 for 2 days, error: BIGELOWE.
Gamertag: BlessingElf8
Location: Spain
Plataform: XBox One series S


If only someone here could see what they could do

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I think your best bet would be to submit a support ticket.

Not saying it’s guaranteed to help but couldn’t hurt to give it a shot. Also, do you own Gears of War 4, or do you play it through game pass? If you accidentally let your Gamepass or Gold subscription lapse, that might explain your inability to play the game.

@RelaxingKoty this man needs your help. Stat.

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I suggest to stop playing Gears 4 because if TC doesnt even help with their most recent game theyre definitely not gonna help with an older one.

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I remember that bigelowe error when it first came out

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Ahh yes, the memories.