Error 0x80190191

So i get this error when trying to join a game, anyone else getting it? And is there a sulotion?


I’m getting it too dude.

Please submit a ticket to

me as well. Do the servers go live next week (Sept 10) or what?
EDIT: nvm it works now

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I was just playing campaign with 3 other people and it lagged out for all of us.

Now I’m either getting the same error when trying to join or its saying the Gears service isn’t available right now.

I just got that error too.

I am getting this error for Horde and Escape but not versus - anyone else?

This has to be embarrassing. I can see if this is an mmo but come on wtf is goin on.

I’m on PC and im getting this error code for everything. I can only play Campaign. …

Interesting. Im on PC and can’t join my wife and friends campaign lobby.

Edit: Just got in.

Show as joined on my screen but not on hers.

And not only do i get in a game about halfway through it kicks me out.

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this happens with almost every PC port lol. Happened with Mortal kombat and will probably happen to Halo as well :\

Man I love gears of war but your servers are broken and were not ready for this. Shouldn’t you have known you were gonna have this high amount of traffic on this 4 days early access. Tonight and Saturday are my only free days to play so hopefully you get it together. Just disappointed coalition :pensive:

Todavía no hay solución para este error?

no im not gonna submit a at icket thats gonna take 10 years, maybe someone already had the prolem and found a solution… thats why i wrot ein the forun

Best of luck. I mean that genuinely.

Just started getting this error a little bit ago. So disappointed.
Was looking forward to this game so much.