Error 0x00001fb2 when trying to get PistolPack: Piledriver Execution and more

Hello, I´ve tried a lot of days to redeem the pistol pack, (says free but gets that error) all the other executions that costs gold I can buy with no problem.

Still waiting for support Request # 65898

  1. I´ve seen in game a variation of this execution, a Batista Bomb type, is not even on the menu, how to get it?

  2. for multiplayer, when I´m the host, which is the Party/Peloton key? the one to kick people or myself, I ask this because I quit once a 29th wave with the ESC and return to lobby menu and people fuming at me.

on xbox is the R2 button people say, but I´m playing with PC keyboard.

Thanks all for the help

TC probably won’t respond to you here. If you have put in a ticket, all you can do is wait.

Thanks for the answer. There is still 2 more questions, no one knows how get Batista bomb or the party menu in PC?

All you can do is watch the store for the Batista bomb to return.
I am not familiar with the PC controls.