Error 0x00000c1d Gears 5

hello, a few days ago I ran into a problem, which does not allow me to play gears 5 because it does not connect me to the servers.

gamertag: Monarcamich.
plataform: xbox one s.

Maybe try uninstalling and re-installing, maybe that’ll work

I’ve already tried

Nope same console as me Sir. Everything works but cant play gears. You’ll have to create a new profile and gamer tag as I did if you want to play. Until they are able to fix it!

Have the same problem on xbox.
Can not connect to gears 5 servers.
Gears 4 runs fine.
Not gone create new profile.
I am max reup in Gears 5
Tried every suggestion on the web.
Send a ticket

This is could work, I have confirmed that this works in other games such as Warzone, Halo MCC, and Battlefield.
Whenever I get an error, I go to settings -> Whatever game is giving me an issue -> Manage add on -> delete player data. Reboot the game.

This has worked for me for the other games listed, I am not sure if it’ll work for you but it’s worth the try. I know your pain. Hope it works!

I doubt this will work. I have tried Gears 5 on Xcloud (so a distant server blade in Microsoft Azure) and still get the same error.

I’m pretty sure its an account issue. Still I see this error becoming more common in the last week or so so Im glad im not the only one.

Have you done a lot of quitting MP matches? They will eventually ban you from the servers I believe

I only play horde on master, no pvp.Quit only if low level players enter before starting of the match.I also deleted game saves.Does not work.Meamwile i am forced to play G4.If this issue is not going to be resolved then i think i am not going to buy the next Gears.Play ed > 1000 hrs horde

Nope. No quitting at all. Even then you would have a notification of being banned for however long. And you can still access your skins. With this error you can only make LAN games or play campaign. I can’t even access the store to see what’s new.