Error 0x00000193 Gears of War 4.I cannot connect to the Gears of war servers. I can't play versus and horde

Gamertag: Lapulga014350
Location: Mexico
Platform: XBOX ONE
Error: 0x00000193
Please have to help me, I had a hard time getting the game and now I can’t play versus, much less horde. The coalition has to help me, I have tried everything, turning off the internet modem, restarting my console. I haven’t been able to play since I bought it, I can only play the campaign. When I try to play versus or horde, a box appears where it says: “it is not possible to establish a connection with the Gears os War servers (0x00000193)”. From coraxon they have to help me to connect to the servers.
Beforehand thank you very much. The video game is Gears of War 4.