Equip to All, Gracias`

This is mainly to inform people who don’t know, like myself up until a few minutes ago, I never saw it added in an update thread or newsletter, and it’s new to the game for sure. But while browsing skins in your collection there’s an “Equip to All,” prompt which is great, been asking for this in 4 and 5 since it appeared in Judgement.

Not sure what happens if you choose to equip all but don’t own the skins, I assume it just won’t affect the guns with said missing skin.

But anyways, cool tip if you like having certain skins for COG/Swarm and want to quickly equip them before a ranked match or something…although we could also use team loadouts like we had before.

Still glad to see improvements in Gears 5, no matter how minor.


Buster McTunder

Bro, this came out ages ago. Where you been, under a rock?

I guess.