Equip more executions (Concept)

So we know Gears is known for its brutal finshers, we saw them included in every instance of the Gears games I mean even Gears tactics managed to do it and that’s a very different game than what we would be used to when it comes to Gears, the ability to equip executions to certain weapons is great in Gears 5,but needs a bit of work…or rather a quality of life change to keep things fresh, a perfect example… the snub pistol.

… has 12 in total to equip…
Imagine being able to equip more than 1 to any single weapon (the executions relavant to that weapon ofc)

For example… we’ll pretend I can equip the ‘pummel’ execution and the ‘Gut kick’ execution to the snub at the same time…

Why would I want to do that you ask?

To keep things fresh, also I don’t want to keep going into the customization screen to select a new execution for the snub everytime I get bored of the single one I have equipped…

I figure it could work like a randomizer or an in order of use perhaps, I can’t decide which is better :man_shrugging:

It could be a case of playing out any of the executions I had equipped at random so long as it isn’t the same one each time, but It’d depends on how many I had equipped if it was only 2 it would play the ‘pummel’ then ‘gut kick’ each time, if I had 5 equipped it’d play any execution out of those that wasn’t the first one to be used…

Or it just in order of use (Say I had 3 equipped) Pummel > gut kick > Throttle > Pummel > gut kick and so on.

Let me know what you guys think, I think this’ll be a neat quality of life addition as well as being refreshing and being able to use all our favourite executions in a single match… If you’re that blood thirsty :joy:

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Pretty sure I saw @Buster_McTunder suggest this or a similar type of thing earlier. You guys have telepathic connections or something?


Damn I’m sorry guys I didn’t know this one was taken :grimacing:
Great minds think alike I guess aha :man_shrugging:

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I was referring specifically to the randomizer idea. The other thing I haven’t seen suggested yet. Consider it complementary.


I just want to not have to hold a button to execute anymore. That .5 seconds of holding a button is awful.

Unfortunate… Yes, but all the more satisfying when you pull them off in the heat of a fight in versus :joy:
If not in 5, they won’t make the same mistake again in a possible Gears 6… surely…

Yeah mine was basically stealing the “Random Execution” option from the Titans in Titanfall 2, didn’t even think about having multiple equipped. It’s like the same but instead of it being the game chooses randomly from the 12 Pistol executions I have it picks from the 3 I chose.

Or at least that’s how I had it.

But the fact we both made similar threads must mean that the playerbase wants/is cool with it.

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And greedy losers steal your kill before you can get them.

Yeah its cool right and it might not even be just 3, I see it as you could equip all 12 for the snub if wanted :man_shrugging:

I personally would just limit it, because I realise the boltok and talon pistol share some executions with the snub and I’d make sure to equip different ones so I don’t see the same thing again when I use a different weapon for example…

Its good people like this idea then, lets make it happen :+1:

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Honestly, I rather map executions to specific characters. So I can equip Gutted for RAAM, the arm rip for Locust, the Throttle for Swarm, and the Pummel for humans.

Also weapon skins for each character would be nice, provided it was implemented in a way where it’s not cumbersome.

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I would like special map executions. Like maybe leave dangerous things in the maps, like spikes, fire, lasers, pits, cliffs, etc. If the enemy goes down near them, then you can perform a special execution (e.g. impalement, kicking off the side of the cliff).

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Why not both? :wink: But do you mean like Gears 4 customization?
Where we could have faction specific customization, so for example any weapon skins we had a equipped on the swarm side would only be shown on swarm and not cog side…

Because it was a minor thing but a great thing and I think it only affected weapon skins, I was quite disappointed it didn’t carry over to Gears 5 considering the extra customization we got, so weapons skins execution maps would be specific to the weapons customised in the ‘swarm’ and ‘Cog’ team tabs.

@todo_ese_jugo thats a cool idea, maybe when you meatshield someone you could bag and tag them into these ‘spikes’ or environmental kill zones, I feel like the chance of downing someone next to them would be difficult as they could just crawl away, but its something to think about.

Yeah, something like that.

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