Epics Game In The Trash

So I know I hav’ent Made a Gears forum in awhile, so I Decided To Make one about epic throwing there Documents for Gears 4 in the SHREDDER!

So basically what happened was that, Epic started to make a Gears Of War 4, But they didn’t officially announce that they were making it.

After Microsoft bought the Gears Of War franchise in 2013, The Coalition sort of raided Epics Design For The Game, (So basically epic didn’t throw anything Away, they were just raided.)

So some of the features we had now, were still there, like Marcus getting a Son, JD. So The Coalition Used it as a jumping start, but for the Swarm The Name “Swarm” Was Stuck, But the Monsters, No.

I do wish Epic posted some of the old monster documents online or, on the Gears Of War Wiki, Or Web. So That’s Bassicaly Why Epic stoped making Gears.

I still wish Epic Was still doing Gears, it would make an Awsome Game.


If Epic was making Gears it would be Fortnite.


Epic stopped making Gears because they projected it would cost them more money to make it than they would get in return. They have stated this publically.


Cliffy b alao stated he didnt want to work with some publishers again. But i see u left that out of ur narrative.

Cliff had left Epic a few years prior to this, so even if true isn’t really relevant. It also wasn’t really a narrative, just a repeat of a public explanation Epic made as to why they didn’t want to continue development.


Cliff was gears. It certainly wasnt rod… it is marginally but more epic as a whole. As it is still a team effort of course… minus rod. Hes useless at everything he does.

No he wasn’t.

Cliffy despised the Gnasher gameplay. He wanted Lancer play. I played Cliff in Gears 2 on Hail. His Lancer play wasnt very great against Gnashers so he quit out mid-match. Pathetic…

Also, Cliffy has gone on record stating he wanted a Counter-Strike type of weapon system. If you’re unfamiliar with what that means look no further than Arcade mode. No pick up weapons —you buy them with in game currency. No thank you.


I don’t get why people STILL deify Cliff. I guess he was that “cool.”

That said…if Microsoft used him to announce gears 6 I would stil get hype lol. For campaign.

Epic could’ve built off gears 1 properly.
Their mechanics and weapon balance were just as bad, if not worse.
But, they released maps for their game. Credit where credit is due. The sheer incompetence coming from MS/TC with regards to lack of content on gears 5 is mind boggling.

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Look I love these games, Gears is one of my favorite gaming franchises but it should have ended at 3. For pete’s sake it was supposed to end there, the overall story and heroes journey came to an end.

The only reason it went any further was because of the franchises (dwindling) popularity and $$$. Epic wouldn’t suddenly make the game better, because they did not want to continue the Gears story.


Dude April 1st is still a couple weeks away.


Fortnite X Gears of war crossover when

Don’t give em any friggin ideas man…come on.

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Well don’t forget that two of the most hated things ever introduced in the Gears franchise, retro lancer and DBS, happened under his leadership.

Oh, and don’t forget about Gears of War Judgment, Epic’s last hoorah with this franchise…

the 200+ people who worked on Gears 1-3 might not agree with you


Ya again, ignore the fact i literally gave them credit also, but sure. Ignore that for ur narrative dissonance…

We already got Fortnite skins, sooo…

Epic made Judgement.
Epic ended Gears 3 support quickly.
Epic left gears and sold the franchise.
Not the biggest fan of Epic

Say what you want, but TC DOES listen to the community, and continuous to improve the game years out. Gears 4 was very good and fun 3 years out compared at launch. All changes were at the request of the community and through community feedback.

They know what needs to be improved in Gears 5. It just takes time and money. Hopefully they move to a paid DLC model. I would pay for campaign DLC that includes unique character skins and weapon skins if it is also used to subsidize free maps for all a year out.


I wonder how many people are playing gears now that Doom Eternal is out?