Epic should allow refunds!

Epic should honorably allow refunds for this abomination let alone and abomination to gears franchise…this game is broken, has hackers,server issues,lack of content,and isn’t 100% playable aka accessible for a full game purchase…It seems they focused on other peoples games and movies and not what the people who actually made this game and franchise into what it is …and those people are us , the ones who bought these gears games and they forgot that , we don’t need to either, ,this game is garbage and I want my money back ,I feel this is an option that a company with backbone and respect for their customers would do ,remember the first rule in business let a lone business ethics is ready for it …customer is always rite…aka keep them happy and make a compromise to keep them…here it is get ready for it …wanting to buy future products and hold loyalty twords the company that we aka the buyer aka consumer purchase from aka Epic in this case …you guys know what that game is and yet you still can sleep at night …?

Epic has nothing to do with Gears 5.


Epic has long sold Gears of War to Microsoft.

Microsoft in turn set up The Coalition to develop Gears.

So it’s Microsoft you have paid money to, on behalf of TC.

You can state your case with them if you feel strongly.

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Epic did a much better job. TC says they are doing stuff for the First time. You don’t let such people work on a title like Gears.

Yeah Epic should offer refund, maybe tweet Cliffy B about it…

(that was sarcasm obviously)

They didn’t make this game.

Well they did sell it. Lazy new aged rock stars if you ask me.

They sold it to Microsoft long before Gears 5.

you do know EPIC doesnt own the Gears franchise any more, its owned by Microsoft now and The Coalition is the developer TC

or Pete Nubb , Joe Graff or Quinn

What was Cliffy B. thinking when he added the new omen to Gears 5?