Epic and legendary special events please

Can we please have special events for horde and escape that GREATLY increases the chances of getting epic and legendary cards? Kind of like how gears of war 4 had those primal horde packs

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Can we get any sort of horde event at all?


I’ve asked that on every dev stream the past few weeks. It’s really bad that we haven’t had one since December. But hey, PvE hasn’t been de-prioritized.


They also said they were working on Horde events with Escape modifiers. It could be a reason why there hasn’t been any events since Jingle Juvies(iirc). Not that it’s a great excuse for not at least bringing something smaller that required a bit less effort to do, if that’s the cause for not getting any Horde event in months.

I honestly want something like Anything Goes back. More wave randomization(I believe that mode and Horde Frenzy/Mania in Gears 4 had fully randomized waves, which may not have been perfect with things like a single Scion and Tracker or Juvie spawning on wave 1, but it was still fun to play… but then, since TC reduced the Dropshot to near uselessness without explosive bleed, I don’t see how it would be as great to have it back under that form if not for it to be another “JD does it all” game). Less predictability unlike current wave “patterns” that limit which enemies you can face at any given point more than is necessary.

Yeah I don’t get this. I loved playing as the Heavy class and using a Drop in 4. It’s just bad in 5.

You’re probably right though, maybe they are working on some things and that’s why we just haven’t gotten one. Still wish they’d throw Jungle Juvies or a 24/25 variant of Frenzy out there. Just throw us a bone lol.

I’d totally take this. Frenzy was 25 waves in 4, with one boss every 5 waves, and in my view still better than what we have in Gears 5 with 12 wave Frenzy that feels like it ends as soon as you got started.

Please no disrespect to you OP,I don’t mind waiting on new horde events,Yes I’m on your side(s) once they have sorted out horde with a new system,I would definetly like some new events on horde.Getting fed up of the lag sadly on horde,hoping that can get fixed