Ephyra Rising Marcus skin concept

This is something I’ve been working on for a few months and finally had some down time to finish it.
I’ve taken elements mentioned in the Ephyra Rising book, and put together a skin concept for Marcus. There were plenty of things in the book that gave me ideas:

  • On the book cover, it looks like he is wearing either his Gears 1/2 or 4/5 armor. To me, it looks more like the 4/5 armor. The art book for Gears 5 says Marcus is still wearing the armor from previous games. There are removable plates on the armor, as we know from a Gears 3 interview. Epic said the armor in Gears 3 was the same as previous games, just with some plates removed to strip it down and make it lighter for summer wear. In my mind, if that can be the same armor from 1/2, so can this. With this in mind, I made the original with the 4/5 armor, with the thought that he has put some but not all of the plates back on because it’s fall/winter. He has kept some plates off to make it lighter, as he is sometimes carrying it around in a duffle bag. I later made one with the classic armor, just to see what it looked like
  • Seeing as the book takes place right after Gears 3, I gave him the battle belt from that game in my initial design. It made sense to me because it has more pouches and also has a canteen, both obviously suited for longer missions. I gave the classic armor design the respective belt just because lol
  • It doesn’t say what kind of jacket he is wearing during the mission, but at one point earlier in the book, he puts on a barn coat, so I went with something like that (original was black but also tried green to give it some contrast)
  • Jacket collar where Marcus clipped the Harkness Glen visitor pass (original design has the collar out over the armor to allow for this)
  • It is mentioned multiple times that he is wearing gloves
  • Pistol holster (I used the Gears 4/5 holster, which I like to believe is the Gears 1/2 holster but with less armor/plating)
  • Military fatigues/boots (seeing as his pants and boots were used for the Old Man Marcus skin and also “Tomorrow” Marcus from the Gears 4 trailer, which takes place just after Gears 3, I obviously went with that)
  • Boot knife (he uses it throughtout the book, so I went with the one from Gears 1/2)
  • His head is actually taken right from the book cover, and edited to fit

Resources and credits:
Apart from the Gears images owned by TC and Epic, I used some other pics to finish my design. The arms and hands came from pics of Joel from Last of Us 2, owned by Naughty Dog. The collar came from Agent Zero/Sam Fisher from Rainbow Six Siege, owned by Ubisoft. Also have to give credit to the author Michael A. Stackpole, and the illustrator of the cover. I couldn’t find a name.

Sorry for the long read, but I’m passionate and also wanted to explain where I got my ideas from lol


I really like that first one.


I also like the first one, but could see the green one for more contrast, or maybe something tan like Carhartt.

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First one is definitely my favorite. Im usually not someone who uses Marcus but I could definitely see myself using this skin.

Off topic: I always wondered where the stripped down armor came from. Is this true for Dom, Cole, and Baird as well? Bairds armor looks pretty similar or identical to the cog gears that are present in gears 3.

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I read that years ago and remembered it because I always found it hard to believe it was the same armor. Found this article just now that references it, too:

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I love the explanation of it, it definitely makes a ton of sense.

The armor looks nothing like any of the cog armor thats already been established and i found it hard to believe that the cog at this point in time would still be manufacturing armor, they would probably steal armor from dead troops or scrap together whatever is around.

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I love this but this is totally off topic.

The fact that they’re all the “same” but varied makes these look like the old Grandmaster Witcher art panels to me. Just like if you lined them up it’d look like a forward progression.

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