Entire *characters* missing from the store?

I knew most of the items in the Operation 5 tab of the store were going back in the vault today, but they seriously vaulted even the basic skins of Anya, Tai, Gabe, Sid, and Makayla? That’s just not right, you should always be able to buy at least one skin for a character to unlock them.

And just to (futilely, I’m sure) try to head off some of the responses, I did in fact make sure to buy all the Op 5 items I wanted before the Op 6 drop. This isn’t me complaining that I feel like I missed out.

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Ok, that’s seriously messed up.

They’re not in the Character Skin list?

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Yea I have them too, but do agree that’s kinda messed up they don’t keep the base characters in the permanent section. Like for example I can understand Civilian Anya returning as Featured, but standard Anya should be in permanent section… that’s just common sense… or so we thought.


I dunno why they vault absolutely everything like it’s all special.

All old op stuff should just go into the perm store

I don’t think they ever said the base skins for every single character would go immediately to permanent collection. So I never expected it to be so. That said, pretty good chance they will get added in eventually. Could be just that those ones are still fairly fresh being Op 5 skins.

This annoyed me as well, considering that not only did certain characters become permanent from Op4 into 5, they even told us last time what would be staying and what would be leaving.

Thanks to that, I’m missing a few basic characters, including the Locust Sniper.

Every base character ever has been permanent as of now.

Back when the Totem system was in place, they boasted that they’d be earnable forever, and when the Totems were converted to store items, they were put in the Essentials list.

They screwed people out of these characters.

Well the Locust Sniper is really just a Locust Drone skin. Seems like the Lambent Locust are just skins for the Grenadier, Drone, and Theron, though they got their own entry in the character list.