Enter your Chips Ahoy Codes

Guys/Gals, don’t forget to go to chipsahoyxbox.com to redeem your codes for those boosts, banners, gold and gamepass awards. I did my four this morning. Remember, all who enter will get a prize!!! Up to four actually.


What did you get? I don’t have any as I’m in the UK but I have some Rockstar drinks codes ready to go

first two codes are the same, 1 day boost, banner, supply drop. The 3-4 codes have exclusive mark, 1 day boost, supply boost 7-day game pass 7 day live gold and only four codes work I believe and that’s it for your account. So you get 4 days of boost, 14 days of gold, 14 days of gamepass, 4 supply drops 2 exclusive banners and 2 exclusive marks. Each has their own xbox code to redeem so 16 total codes to redeem on the xbox.

That’s not too bad, plus cookies!

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With the UE version plus thes3 four boosts and the boost we got from the challenge, we will have 40+ days of boost

I’m going to save my boost’s when there a X2 exp event so I can stack the effects. :grin:

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So you need four codes to get everything?

That is correct


I tried this morning and it was giving me problems along with the code I gave @GhostofDelta2 too, gave him a second one and not sure if it worked. I’ll have to try again when I get home.

I just tried it. You have to open the terms and conditions since theres no real way to click that you’ve read them. Once it opens in a new window you should be able to proceed.

I tried to click it. Maybe because I tried on mobile. I’ll have to try it again later.

Yea I had trouble at first. Try clicking o the terms and conditions link so it opens in a new window then scroll to the bottom then go back. That’s what worked for me

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Any idea what any of the banners or marks look like?

I saw them posted on a Discord but have yet to see the images appear on here. But they’re…ight.

Im at 3 out of 4 … once i get my 4th one ,i will be giving away any extras i find at work

Also you can start redeeming codes for the rockstar promotion

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If anyone gets hold of extra codes, I would love to take some :smile:

Tried getting a friend of mine that was on vacation in the US to find some, he couldn’t :frowning:

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i find them at work and now that im done with my 4 codes ,i will be passing them along to the community

I cant either of these promotions anywhere near

For you, or anyone that may have redeemed the game pass codes, did it extend your subscription 7 days? I have almost 3 years. Just a little worried it might impact the ultimate upgrade for $1 thing I did.