Enter Hivebusters achievement not unlocking

I completed the dlc campaign today and didn’t get the achievement for doing so.

When i check the stats page it shows i’ve done all chapters on the difficulty that i played it on. But when i look on the achievement tab it shows the progress is at 83%, i tried loading the last checkpoint and finishing it again still nothing.

Have i got to play through the whole thing again or is a just a slight glitch that will fix itself?


So far a reset may fix it or you could try replaying the last chapter again.


I did insane solo and the last 3 achievements wouldn’t pop for me yesterday. I just reloaded my last checkpoint a couple of minutes ago, finished it again and they unlocked, the insane one with a delay of about a minute after the other two.

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I was struggling with this too. I had ‘Enter Hivebuster’ at 83% and all chapters completed. Repeated chapter 5 and still nothing. Decided to continue with chapter 6 were I found the collectible ‘weilehan prayer bowl’ which I did not find in the first run. When I picked it up it unlocked the ‘Enter Hivebuster’ achievement and the dlc skins . For the record I was using Keegan on Experienced. edit: in case it is the number of collectibles and not the actual collectible I had a total of 11/23 collectibles (including the ‘weilehan prayer bowl’) when it unlocked.

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I played camp on insane and beat it on insane achievement poped but compleate camp on any diffuculty still at 83% makes no sence and beat the game 5 times and its still 83% can there be a update for the fix or something soon.i got all hive buster achievement but 2 that wont unlock

Do you have the spirit walker achievement unlocked. It is a secret achievement

I’m sure they don’t, because that’s the one that’s bugged… it was the one that wouldn’t pop for me my 1st run. Beat the game as Lahni on Intermediate(just for a casual run), didn’t unlock that, 83% like everyone says… tried replaying chapter 6 still didn’t work.

Beat the entire game a 2nd time, this time as Keegan on Experienced… collected the 2 Abilities and 5 Collectibles I missed the 1st time, got those achievements and got both Spirit Walk and Enter Hivebusters as well.

Pretty much all I got left now is the Mac achivement, Iron Man Mode and Insane.

I just used tc-sera advise on the hive buster achievement news post. Just replayed chapter 6 and it popped when I got to the spot with the bowl collectible

Yea that didn’t work for me like I said lol it’s just a luck of the draw atm until they get it properly fixed. But like I said I got it now after replaying the whole thing which I had planned on beating it with each member anyway

Thanx , followed your advice and it worked !! … normally I skip al the movies etc … takes to much time … but
now I watched the whole movie with ‘The Spirit Walk’ in the beginning of chapter 6 and thank god it popped up 2 times … :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I have the achievement but skins not unlocked.

I also completed Hivebusters DLC on invincible with iron man on two achievements not given! you pay good money for the maps and you spend time playing the campaign from begging to end to be kicks in the nuts so many problems with gears

Update to above message replayed act 5 and 6 still no achievements so I then did act 1 too the same I have now given up on this it’s saying 99% god no’s why this is happening but enough time wasted.

Play as Keegan on Act 6. Make sure you watch the cut scene where Lahni talks about her ancestors and burns some incense, After that exit to main menu, skins and achievements should pop at that time.

I’ve played as all three characters and finished the DLC. I got the Spirit walker and Enter the hive achievements but I think there is a bug for Pass the Soap as two other gamer friends played the Hivebusters lastnight and all of us were in the cleaning shower area (together in one stall) and no achievement.
Note: I didn’t realize that you HAVE to play on Escape! No wonder…I thought it was the Campaign… sigh.
Some of Gears achievements are both consumption of time and resources (on 3rd controller since Gears 4). Oh well.
Hey, Coalition, if you are listening, how about making EVERYWEEKEND a 2x experience? That should keep us playing… enough of paying real money for skins… really?