Enter arcade game, don't get to move because the scoreboard wont go away

Go to play some Arcade. Oh look the scoreboard wont go away. Can’t move. Might as well quit

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Arcade is the buggiest game mode I’ve ever seen. It’s literally 50/50 when I join a game that it’ll be playable.


Today it’s been like 90/10. Either everyone will be teleporting around, or the hill will be invisible, or they’ll be showing hills in deathmatch, or i get the scoreboard glitch, or I’m the only player up against a stack of 5.

Arcade used to be my favorite gametype

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Had that all happen a few days ago while trying to get 5 wins for a tour of duty. The one game i got to actually play I was doing great and about to win when i got booted to the main menu.

Arcade is awful. God help me if I had to play that ever again.