Enough with foundation. Its the most boring map. Please stop picking it

Every match that foundation comes up, it gets picked. Its like everybody is brain washed. Why do people still pick this map so much. Its boring. And its not a good balanced map. The 2 side hills are almost impossible to retake. Why why why?enough with this map. Go play 4 if you wanna play this map. I wish @TC would take it out of rotation in 5.

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Tbh it’s okay, it’s just boring to look at and boring to play on imo.

Reactor is great wish people would vote that. And if we have to get legacy maps bring back avalanche, Day one, a gears 5 version of stasis and maybe haven


@Outlaweditzz i too enjoy reactor . I also like the majority of the 5 maps. But even when youve got vasgsr asylum exhibit to pick from, 9/out of 10 if foundation is a choice it gets picked over all them. And its maddening.

I know, I love exhibit and asylums atmosphere and the way you can play on those maps is just superb.

Foundation is never really fun for me Tbh

@Outlaweditzz agree. Id pick close quarters exhibit any day of the week. And I really love playing on Vasgar and asylum. Im with you…The only ring I enjoy on foundation at all is the lower middle one.

I’m just fed up of most maps now and I think most are the same :rofl: bring on some more to freshen the rotations up

People love that map though and blood drive, does my head in

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Stasis is probably the most unpopular Gears 2 map, doubt it’ll return.

Avalanche will definitely be ported over at some point I’m assuming, but when is the question.

OP 5 maybe. They’re obviously just porting over The gears 4 editions of these maps along with making new ones so I could see it in 5. 6 at the latest.

I know Stasis isn’t too popular but having a gears 5 rendition of it would be solid to be honest. Well if they can pull it off

I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to port over almost all of the Gears 4 maps (including the Gears 3 remakes)

They had plenty of devs working on Escape tiles so now that they’re focused on MP maps I expect to see 5 or more maps each operation :slight_smile:

Well Gears 5 already had a section within Niles lab though, so the logic of doing a Stasis remake makes basically zero sense.

Edit: The most popular maps are almost always really pretty maps, long gone are the days of dark and gritty toned maps. Nowadays its all about Allfathers or Checkout etc.
Stasis isn’t even close to what (imo) they should be remaking either; Mansion, Tyro Station, Depths, Academy, Depths, etc. all deserve remakes long before something like Stasis ever does.

Foundation? What’s that?

I only play on Bloodout, I mean, Check Drive, I mean, ah damn it! Forget it!


Eh, idrc I just like stasis.

How does Stasis coming back make no sense. It taked place in new hope and you visit new hope in the campaign. That sounds like a good reasom to me

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Why does it need to make sense, it’s just a ported multiplayer map.

Cause the other options are even worse? Shocker I know, with the excellent map-pool G5 has atm.

Checkout or blood drive it is then!!! Jk seriously these 3 maps need to only come up once every 5 matches, you get a cooldown for the maps so your forced to play other ones, idk so tired of only playing these maps

Blooddrive and checkout always win if they’re an option. If both are the game explodes because people don’t know which to vote for cuz they’re so hard for both of them.

Dam is alot worse and reclaimed.
I will straight up leave at times.
I only have so much time to play and ill be dammed if i have to waste it and be even more unhappy playing this game.

I feel the same with checkout.

I rather have pahanu than checkout.

I can tolerate foundation.

But I rather play fresh maps.

Maybe should do 2 new maps, 1 old map.

Also, have a better rotation choice because I feel like blood drive, checkout, foundation are always picked.

Hate that I can’t play gears 5 maps because most them are cool maps…

But I’m that guy that actually likes pahanu & ice bound too…

@GuiltyCrisis i really like all the 5 maps. I used to think I didnt like bunker. But even its grown on me. Pahanu is fun because it just plays so different. Anf ucebounde is awesome. Man do I Love to play on exhibit vasgar and asylum. Probably my 3 fave 5 maps. Icebounde is 4th.

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It feels like my Xbox can’t handle Ice Bound. When the snow flakes start dropping, do does my frame rate

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