ENOUGH of unfair banning

There’s nothing more demotivating that getting in the first match of your weeknd day and get randomly kicked out and banned.

This is an unacceptable mistake I experiment at least twice a week, SERIOUSLY.

I knew I wasn’t the only one, and hoped for months TC finally fixed that.

BUT, it looks it remains as crappy as usual, and, the reason I finally post about it si because this time, about half an hour ago, my matchmaking suspension message did not showed time limit, which after some minutes of investigating here in the forums, indicated indefinite time ban.


With all the right I DEMAND a solution to this. Me, as a very frequent player, goes extremely affected by this, and will not remain calm until it gets solved.

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Just got something cause server issue ls that just were going on…team searched kicked two of us and now I have a no time indicated ban wtf…I never quit matches this is garbage

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Welcome to Gears 4 man. Sadly this isn’t going to get fixed.this is been going on since it was introduced and all we’ve gotten from TC was they were looking into it. That was more than 6 months ago. With most of TC working on Gears 5 it definitely won’t get fixed




I feel like they’re IS something more devastating and that’s having quitters in nearly every match, and seeing some two matches in a row.
What TC needs to do is fix their system, not just abandon quit penalties. People are always quick to let them off the hook rather than expect them to actually maintain a working game.

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Yeah demanding to not be banned unfairly is hilarious

Never left a game. Got kicked out of a QUEUE as the leader (idk why) and here’s what I get:

There wasn’t even a game to be had lmao. We were still queueing. And the suspension didn’t tell me how long I was suspended for. Smh.

This new popup which doesnt tell you HOW LONG is a bit of BS, haha…

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Same problem for 13 years. But certainly one day the problem will be solved. Wait. :rofl:

Working as intended. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is why I am not playing ranked at all in this game. I see this similar topic all the time and it won’t be fixed.

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