Enjoying this live play New Orleans

I’ve been watching all it’s quite good. It’s so intense I had to go outside to claim down. One thing is I would barely make it outta spawn. Lol


Indeed! But personally I find it a bit too long to watch, I sometimes just lose focus on whats going on. But for those aiming to get better this is definitely a good way to learn by seeing how the pros play.


Oh yeah. Make note have EMTS there when im playing lol. Echo fox vs EU one epic battle.

The matches have been great all weekend, and now we get Echo Fox v Optic for the Grand final

what time is the grand final?

Big game up next fox vs optics

Definitely a good watch this weekend. And yes, watching the pro’s play does help me improve my game. While I’m just a casual gamer it would be nice to get in more time improving my Versus game. See y’all in SanDiego.

Haven’t watched since the last championship or maybe longer idk…I find them boring to be honest