Enjoying the new tuning a lot

The new weapon tuning feels great to me. I love how the duels last longer and don’t mostly end with one player landing 2 shots like before. And the lack of bullet magnetism on Gnasher makes it feel like I have more control over my shots.
I also like the new Lancer. It feels more consistent this way.
The overall lower dps on both Lancer and Gnasher, as well as the shorter effective range of the Gnasher, also allows more ways to approach a fight.

Of course, I already had a lot of experience with this tuning beforehand as I played the beta tuning playlist quite a bit. But it’s a different experience as a whole in Ranked environment.

Can’t say much about the changes on the ranking system. I’ll have to play more to have an opinion on it. But overall I am really liking this update :ok_hand:


Agree, this feels\plays much much better.

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That’s the biggest thing I noticed last night, actually having shotgun battles thst last like 4 to 6 shots each, so much better, walls are still super glued though ha