Engineers lack of variety needs to change in the future

No one already wants to play support but then when they do play support they have TWO options, maybe 3. Barriers, Lockers and Sentry. Why are the Engineers building capabilities so damn limited? No one wants to play this class because its a dang barrier simulator.

I’m mostly just upset we don’t have more unique fortifications. Like we have all these fancy powers with the classes why not incorporate some of those into engineers arsenal? Instead of just shock Sentry why not have Stun Sentry like Lizzies dropshot or some kind of pressure plate that if enemies step on it it’ll mark all enemies within a certain radius?

I know those aren’t great ideas but that isn’t really my point. I just want more things to build on engineer outside of lockers, barriers and sentry. Make me want to play this class more please. It’ll never be more enjoyable than a DPS class but it can be better if we try.


I want the GoW 3 Building the “Station” with Hammer of Dawn.

Or GoW 5 Last Boss Fight, the Giant “Laser Beam”

And…“Freeze Sentries” ? or “Flame Sentries” ?


I’d hoped for a shock chain sentry at one point.
And reflective decoy for Architect, or the ability to upgrade it to a Shepard for Robo Engi. But alas…


This needs to change.

My idea is a AA sentry which destroys grenades at level 1 then Boomshots and Salvos at level 2 to attacking Guardians at level 3 then the level 4 will attack flying bosses.

Edit: If I was TC I would buff the other fortifications to be more viable. Why are shock barriers only useful to lock of a piece of cover

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What are you talking about? The massive railgun that would definitely be very difficult to fit on a map? Because “giant laser beam” is basically what the Hammer of Dawn is.

RE the topic of engineers, it does get a bit boring to play especially during 50s later on when you’re done setting your base up as your focus is not on offensive potential. I do have seen one guy spread the Mechanic super decoys alongside a bunch of barriers all over the place but it was messy and with stuff not getting repaired(not that it really needed to be because besides the decoys and some level 3 barriers around poorly placed taps nothing really went down if the Matriarch didn’t trample or jump on it).

Any self respecting Robotics Expert(still not a very good name) would have been horrified and disgusted at such, at the same time.

But more forts to play with doesn’t sound like a terrible idea. Too bad TC didn’t add any in 5 by rushing the game out(or M$ forcing them to).

You can make it smaller :wink:

Then it won’t be the same.

at least they try

Motion sensors! Level 4 allows x-ray shots

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I’ve always wanted some form of deployable cover. Surely the COG has invented waist-high walls.

This is also why I prefer Robo Expert to Mechanic. Robo Expert can play a little offensively; get a sniper and grab a couple kills each round. You save your team money, keep all of the base repaired, and have more fun than just running around with a repair gun.

Mechanic should have gotten some form of AoE repair as his ult, instead of the useless balls or slightly less useless turret (which becomes useless if you go down)


Yes deployable covers, I’ve long wanted that. Would give more options for base setups and positions. My only fear is how to make them without them being broken. As they could probably block and end up much more usefull than barriers in some ways.

I agree, but the line between support and overpowered is thin.
And well it’s just like in any mmo “no one” wants to play Tank or Healer because that comes with responsibility.
I don’t think you’ll ever change that.

Because they’re the Hardest Position to Master it.

Just like Combat Medic, it’s Hard to Master it.

A Tank Position having Rank in Challenger = Extremely Hard

A DPS Position having Rank in Challenger = Easy, because you can Hard Carry them

Like Blademaster, if you’re a “Challenger”, you can able to Hard Carry others

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Buildable walls
Trophy system for explosives
Revive station to crawl to (long cooldown maybe)

Tracker balls should have rolled around healing fortifications/stimming allies that were close


Yeah ability to build cover is needed…a card to pick up multiple tags

Buy weapons for the AI

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A cool thing that’s really missing is some type of Cover-fortification.

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I enjoy each of the Engineer classes but am reluctant to play them as often as I do because the rest of the team refuse to.

Deployable cover that functions like the Boomshield when planted, with a max number of X at a time as to avoid being spammed or abused.

the one from raam’s shadow. controllable, but you have to wait for a cooldown, or maybe an ultimate ability.


Iike this.

it got removed lol

People were using it to get inside inaccessible locations.