Engineers/Hollow Storm PvE feedback

I have done Master Frenzy with Enforcer card and it works fine without 2.0x Health poison. It would work much better on Inconceivable with More Health off.

No offense, but I quite liked the Stim/Pistol Capacity/ Freeze Combo when I grinded cards for her. Sure, she’s not steamrolling through Hives like Meta-chars but she’s certainly better and more fun to use than Chars like COG Gear (■■■■ that one in particular) or even Marcus in Escape.
Different story in Horde, sure. But she’s doing just fine in Escape.

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exactly. I’ve also played around with it and came to the same conclusion, so if you are new and join an elite lobby or whatever you are probably going to enjoy it a lot more than someone who has maxed her out and everything. It isn’t like “Parting Gift” or something lol, its actually useful in specific situations/hives but it gets outclassed by all the other great cards Lizzie has.

I really feel like this could be partially ameliorated by including the Talon AND Enforcer and adding a marginal reduction in weapon kick on the same card.

The boost from 60% to 70% for Lizzie’s maxed out Enforcer card isn’t likely to change anybody’s mind by itself.

Having the card benefit multiple (albeit seldom used) weapons in a couple ways would see me happy to at least give it a chance. As it stands now every time I use her Enforcer card I end up wondering wtf is wrong with me within 5 waves.

I want it to work. Doesn’t have to be the best option, but shouldn’t be dead space in her skill selection.

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