Engineers/Hollow Storm PvE feedback

Engineer Classes being granted strictly base-building related perks in Horde is a misstep. I was hoping that TC would consider changing the selected perks from what we were shown months ago but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Baird’s class will be granted a repair speed perk, which he absolutely does NOT need. He has two very effective, ostensibly stacking repair speed skills already, which depending on playstyle will NOT get used at all as he is also able to repair fortifications via kills granted by yet another repair card.

PLEASE consider granting Baird’s class the Precision Weapons Damage perk, as well as either Critical Damage or Ammo Capacity.

Others have requested a Critical Damage card for Baird’s use during Escape. This would preclude the need for a Critical Damage Perk, and hopefully wouldn’t be too time consuming to implement as Marcus and Fahz have similar, existing cards.

Similarly, Del doesn’t necessarily require a Repair Cost perk as he has a repair efficiency skill card. Please consider granting him the health perk, ammo capacity perks, both, or something else suitable.

Del needs to be able to repair a lot faster. That efficiency card is still slow as hell at level 6. I think he needs something like Baird’s card that allows him to repair at like 150% or something.


Shannon got a lot on his plate, this seemed to be something with solid intention but not enough thought.

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Then let him keep the new Repair Speed perk, scrap the Repair Cost and swap it with something combat oriented.

Inversely, get rid of it for Baird and swap it with Precision Weapon damage.

He and Del and Kat are all different classes. Giving them identical perks is boring.

Yeah I’m bewildered by this choice, I use precision repairs and rarely use my repair tool.

I don’t need a speed repair perk.

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I got you;

Perfect Card for Del:
“Know it all” - Repair 200% faster when your Ultimate is ready

This will not only solve the Problem that Del is way to slow with his repairing it will also solve the useless Ultimate (kind of).


I think Baird needs a “Make the DR-1 track and attack enemies” perk…

If not, then a big critical boost, so he can actually get precision kills without just playing cleanup to clayton’s mulcher…

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Can’t wait to see his two trackers obliterate bosses with its bleed damage lol


Been a long time since i played baird but doesn’t it just attack whatever enemy you mark?

Sometimes. Sometimes it just fancies walking into enemies.

Del needs faster repair, I can agree. The one with Ult ready sounds kinda cool… But they should also triple his ults damage base.

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Sadly Classes mean nothing nowadays. Open Fabricator negates the Engineer Class.
Do as you please, do as you want, that is what the message The Coalition is giving.

And people wonder why the game is going downhill, and why the player base is shrinking.

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Its been an even longer time since i played del, my only complaint with him is he cant do any real damage, bleeding trackers is a nice gesture but its not really going to cut it. On the other hand i got used to playing him as a builder who runs around reviving when there is no jack.

Did they up the damage on his DB weapon cards too? Or is it going up, should I say.


  • Added card “Bloody Shrapnel” which causes Trackers to deal 120% bleeding damage. (Level 6)
  • Added card “Personal Defense” which increases damage 6% per hit with the Enforcer up to 100%.
  • Added perks for Repair Cost, Repair Speed, Fortification Damage and Fortification Health.
  • Increased damage of Mechanic’s Custom Robotics card from 30% to 60%. (Level 6)

I still don’t see him as being any real serious damage dealer, in horde it makes sense because he’s just a builder but i doubt del will be that useful in escape still.

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I’m looking forward to trying the Personal Defense/Enforcer card but it would have to be ran with DB porting/Damage to be remotely viable. The weapon itself needed a buff.

Del’s Ultimate is so bad. He needs to have cards that buff him somehow while it is available, or up the damage/amount of rollers significantly.

Hm, he might end up decent with two of those cards and an enforcer in hand. Still not great, but at least a bit more pew pewy than now.
I’ll try a few builds with a friend of mine as a Robotics style engi and see if something interesting can spawn.


I HATE how they just keep doubling down on these weapin specific cards! How they are trying to micromanage weapon selections…

Has Lizzy’s enforcer card been an awesome success? I never, ever see Lizzy players stick with enforcers past the first few waves…

So whats the take away from that, for TC? Give Del an enforcer card! Yippy! Let me take off one of the engineering related cards, to put on a useless enforcer card… Ohh, wait, no, i need to take off TWO engineering cards to alao put on that DB weapon card, right? Awesome thinking, TC…

Gee. maybe because the Hammer is a much better choice and probably one of the best weapon-related cards?


It’s awesome thinking when you have players who want to be Mechanic and they communicated that one would play Engineer and the other would play Enforcer build,


its obviously better for Escape than Horde though.

Seems to be meant for low level Lizzie’s, IIRC Lizzie was by far the worst character to level up, she’s an absolute joke until she gets any of her decent Silverback cards so its use is wasted on players who’ve already got her close to max. Also, if she just got a rifle card in general she would be stepping on Marcus/COG Gear’s toes a bit.

Generic cards makes sense if you only have a handful of classes, but Gears 5 has about 15 IIRC, its impossible to balance that many cards that apply to multiple things at once without it being OP/busted. I would also argue that specific cards reward experience a bit better, so if you are able to predict what weapons you’ll use (more of a factor in Escape) you’ll be rewarded whereas if Fahz just had a sniper card there wouldn’t be any incentive to swap Embar/Snipe cards as there is now.