Engineers and fortification hp cards

I’ve played each class consistently and i’ve noticed that as the waves get higher the engineers start to have to rely on their teammates WAY more than they honestly should. I feel feel EACH engineer class should have a fortification hp card. Mechanic can stay at the forefront with 175% hp, Robotics expert could maybe have 125% and Architect should get like 95%? what are everyone’s thoughts?

Because they want an architect to have NO hp on forts and be viable for inconceivable /master with the flimsy hologram that doesnt distract as intended and keep base stat forts all the way to 50 on incon/master that sounds WAY too unrealistic. As for R.E in higher waves trying to leave something low enough for a robotics to kill when tacticians and demo’s are carpet bombing just doesnt seem that realistic as well. also things dying to bleed when youre finally about to get a shot off. also something to think about. Mechanic[18 skill cards], R.E.[17 Skill cards]. Architect[11 Skill cards] but you want them to be viable with No options…

Why would you ever use Precisionbleed? Probably the weakest bleedcard in the entire game.

And if you perk critdamage to 10 you can tripleheadshot pretty much any Drone-type (Embar with Experimental weapons at LV6) even with 2,5x poison and voila, there’s your kill.
But the numbers of flushers also increased so it’s easier to get 1 or 2 easy kills per wave.

I only build Lv1 barrier and unless a boss walks through them they never break.

Also, paragraphs never hurt anyone.

Fortification HP isn’t always neccessary and there are already perks that buff fortification health/damage. RE doesn’t need much in the way of fortification health if they’re landing headshots and the team allows them to mop up kills at the end of each round.

It wouldn’t hurt for Robotics Expert/Architect to each have skill cards that significantly buff the health of specific fortifications ala Gears 4. (Maybe Architect with 200%~ Decoy health and RE with 200%~ Sentry health).

On that note I’d love for the Architect to get a few more cards but I don’t see it as a necessity or certainty. Buffed/more effective Decoys would make sense given their Deception card. Happy that we got what we did in OP7 for the Promos.

i mean things dying to bleed from the Tactician and/or demo makin it rain. my bad lol

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Oh I get that, yeah. Best part is setting up a kill and some clown comes in with his Boomshot and kills that enemy.