Engineering "Hot or Not?": The Briar Patch Look

I recently come across 2 players who cheat their way to get to #1 on horde leaderboards.
They do 2 man runs and surpass the score of the previous #1 team by a little over 400K.

I hardly doubt they do it legit way.

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Yeah well high score runs on horde are essentially fake anyway.


/me looks around furtively in hopes no one notices I recently passed Ultra Gnasty in Frenzy completions due to my use of public matchmaking.

In an attempted defense (but perhaps just worsening the humblebragging):

  • I would do Master public matchmaking if it were still at thing.
  • I only first looked at the leaderboard this year when I was apparently already just outside the top 100.
  • Would anyone argue the quality of teammates (ease of games) in public random matchmaking is higher?
  • IIRC I calculated around 3% of those completions were on Overload :slight_smile: (1/37 maps == 2.7%, so I think it’s close enough to “expected”, given the increased ability to successfully complete that map, to show that I don’t intentionally choose it).

They’re just numbers, though. I don’t know why you’d bother cheating them (or playing at all if it’s not for the fun of the game itself).

Ultra used to be #1 BM for frenzy but a person doing some weird stuff with 2nd controllers amassed enough to pass ultra by alot in a very short period of time. We’ve also all been playing other games like Fortnite instead of Gears. Im sure he burnt himself out doing all those solo horde games too.


Ultra is not a coward. Saw his lobby the other day.

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Opposite of a coward id say.

I asked the same question and my buddy literally said just like you and I derive pleasure from playing he gets equal pleasure watching his numbers go up lol.

I jokingly call him an autist but if you wana get the most architect frenzy completetions on every map, more power to ya! Lol.

Do you have any info about these?

Because I remember people claiming tags duplications, on some legit escape runs, yes some weren’t legit but people are just missing some knowledge sometimes.

I believe this was only possible for PC players. I don’t know the details on how it’s done and how it works, but I vaguely remember hearing that it requires a separate programme to make this work (Im happy to be corrected if this isn’t the case). I remember seeing a YouTube video of a player doing this on The Onslaught when it first came out.

Ikr how it works, I meant people were saying some runs used the duplication when it was made in a legit way. There is some vids than explain how to do the duplication(CommanderCH which answered this topic earlier made one btw), idk if it’s fixed I don’t think so since it’s server related. Like in some game you can disable your connection to move from some space w/o restriction because the server wont stop you because you’re not connected anymore but you can’t do this on Gears because if you get a little disconnection the game kick you instantly, so they’re using a way to change their internet debits.

PS: Sorry my english can be difficult to read/understand.

I don’t.
A friend of mine mentioned it some time ago. I don’t care about horde leaderboards.

There’s never been a gaming leaderboard that I can think of that hasn’t been exploited.

Means less than zero at some point.


Indeed. Especially in this absolute shambles of a game where stats properly track when they feel like it.


Im horde you just milk a flock and milk revives till the game times you out lol.

It’s a bit overkill but the greatest thing about level 1 barriers is how well they stop wardens in their tracks until they start slamming the ground.

Wardens sprinting in Ludicrous Speed/Gone-To-Plaid Mode actually get through Level 1s pretty quickly, but I agree they’re valuable to buy precious time. However you need just 3 or 4 in that pictured spot to accomplish that and the remaining barriers/energy could be spent elsewhere. Only Rexhold has suggested there might be additional value in having barrier overlap (and no one seems to have first-hand evidence of what, exactly).

I still reckon Lego bricks hurt far more.


Everybody can do what they wan’t it just sucks that the Leaderboard-“Masters” counts non Master Runs aswell that’s all.

On the other hand i don’t really care about the Stats that much, but i just had to Fact-check the whole “has the most Completion” situation. :rofl:

Gears needs a little more integrity imo.


I would love to see graphs on where to specifically put the fab on every map since I and many others still have trouble on what is the most optimal position for where to put (unless you plan on doing mid map ofc).

*needs a little more weight and intensity