Engineering Guide Compilation

I used them as that in Gears 4, a line of defense further back inside the base to hold off anything that slipped through the level 2 barriers I preferred using as a main frontline tool due to being faster and cheaper to repair. I don’t think I’d even bother building any of those now in 5 because they’re just terrible.

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Also just to add, I personally think that anyone who argues that it’s a good idea to close the Fabricator from anyone but the Engineer, is basically arguing that adults are not allowed to eat steak because babies can’t chew it.


Hey there,

That’s a very in depth breakdown. I would suggest making in more pretty as with the times we live in words in excess can discourage people from reading all of your effort.

Maybe a few pics here and there to break up the wording. Overall well done.

And much appreciated for the Kudos to myself and BP. I’m sure @Bleeding_Pepper also enjoyed this. He is such a cool guy, and has my respect.

Cheers mate and look forward to what you have planned next.


personally i dont like supporting dumbing down things. if people dont care to read it then they obviously dont care about the in-depth strategy of PvE and how to play mechanic. plenty of youtube videos out there for a generic video.

its important for there to always be those people who make in-depth videos for those who dont have a short attention span and want to either learn the basic and then some or advance tactics. I learned a few things reading this post and went to see if I was using similiar cards compared to others.

i personally love long in-depth posts. i dont like reading “blah blah this class is good, yeah you just shoot the rocket” like jesus.

Agreed. I guess that’s how audiences work. You’re never going to reach absolutely everyone. But if even say, 1 out of every 100 newer/less experienced Horde players read this and watches the video, then that’s a success right? It may even be an indication that they are in it for the long-haul if they’re willing to make the effort and invest time to improve their game. Player-bases drop off and reduce in size over time, but there will always be some players who are more invested and dedicated than others and will keep on playing even after many others drop off.


the thing that motivates me to make things for others is even if it helps 1 person, im proud of that.

people always think floods of people will come just because they are doing X. thats not how it works.



My message was not even to you.

I was speaking with the op. If you are an in depth person then fine. I have loads of knowledge of horde from damage numbers to rate of fire.

So before jumping on me for suggesting to someone to help sell there knowledge look at the market and know what I’m saying is the truth.

To reach the many you make it easy on the eyes. If you don’t believe me then you live in the wrong time period.

Lastly, my rep was earned and not given so chill. I know what the ■■■■ I’m talking about.

Also if anyone else wants to try and stop me from helping someone else succeed step up!

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  • I mostly play an engineer, and the only thing I’ve never been able to get a great handle on, is how to best use decoys. I actually use them sometimes to block the other side of cover the enemy can mantle over, in order to “force” them through whatever bottleneck with barriers I have set up on the ground.

They are also a pain in the neck to repair, unless you’re playing Bair—sorry, “Robotics Expert”.

  • LVL 3 and 4 barriers are a waste of energy, unless you’re looking to definitively block off a pathway that will only get the occasional straggler. They’ll require constant repairs because of how they work, and it’s just not worth the aggravation. And NEVER use them as your FIRST line of defense.

  • I like to build a few MG sentries in the mid-game with Del. Mostly to cover paths that get occasional traffic, but not enough to warrant a person’s actual attention full time. With Del’s fortification damage card, they can be effective. When we have abundant energy I’ll throw a few lvl 4 MG sentries inside our base to watch for fliers and jumpers.

  • I’ll mostly cover the “main” approach of our base with shock sentries

  • With lvl 1 and 2 barriers I either like to arrange them in the usual “square” formation for maximum slowdown time, or in the earlier game a “V” formation with 2 barriers that enemies generally intersect diagonally for maximum effect. You can leave a bit of space between barriers if you’re covering a square/rectangle area, so long as the enemy’s hit box can’t reside completely between any two barriers (if that makes sense). Some people think every square inch needs to be covered by barrier to work, and that’s a waste.

  • I don’t bother investing in cards to increase your weapon damage as Del… I mean “Mechanic”. Let your eventual sentries do their work, and focus on maintaining the base. If you need to help DPS something, grab a heavy weapon.

  • Generally I’ll get a weapon locker up first and upgrade it to 2-3, then put up a few lvl 1 barriers to cover main attack vectors so we can manage enemies, then build a second locker, then a mix of upgrading lockers and placing barriers for a while. Around lvl 20-25, I might start throwing down shock sentries , and after that MG sentries.

  • Don’t force people to keep the lockers all in one central location. Let people put their lockers where they are working. And try to confer ownership on specific lockers once you have a few - if you don’t it’ll turn into an unorganized mess of people taking each others’ stuff and moving stuff around.


Let it TF go. I used to hate the Fab being open but the fact it bothers you so much, makes it worth it.
And to tell someone what they took the time to write out “is pointless”, is so petty and pathetic. You don’t have a monopoly on educating people who want to play Engineer.

Either you are needlessly snarky, or half of your brain doesn’t understand that people gain experience and talent based on play and advice from others, not just “reading what their character can do”. Half the cards don’t thoroughly explain what they do so why ■■■■ on someone helping people understand the role better?


I appreciate the tip, and as I’ve said several times, you’re guides were a big part of getting my engineering skills to where they are today! For now it’s gonna have to stay as is. I was 4k characters over the post limit, so I had to make some unexpected cuts. Now I have some strategizing to do. I want to add pictures and clean up the formatting, I just don’t have any pictures yet, so might be a little before my lazy ■■■ gets them!

@mismasterchief1 While I appreciate the sentiment, I’d like to avoid confrontation. He has a good concept with doing a barrier and locker only run, and I respect his view on multiple engineers in a match. This was a labor of love for me, I started writing just after op 4, constant revision and double-checking numbers while I waited for the seperation of class and character. I know that folks like you recognize the effort put in. From all the rest, I’m choosing to ignore the blatant insults.

Good guide. I have some things Id like to add.

Fort Health purchased during horde. This only seems to apply once the perk is purchased then something is built. Meaning buying fort health does not increase the health of forts that were already on the map. What I like to do is build several lvl 1 fences then once fort health is maxed I will upgrade them to barb wire so they get the bonus health.

Repair speed “appears” to speed up how fast you refill a sentry. The perk purchased during horde, not Baird’s repair speed. Don’t quote me on it but it just feels like it makes a difference.

Lvl 3-4 fences are not useless. If there is a back door into your base or somewhere you DO NOT want someone to get through they are perfect. I also tend to put one right in front of my crew encase something manages to get through the fences. As a last line of defense. Sometimes were busy taking out a flyer and during that time a Sire got in. That’s what the red fence is for.

Architect- I suggest you try stim, repair efficiency, hologram duration, stim capacity and hologram distraction(I forget it’s name). The reason being the architect sadly is a crappy engineer compared to mechanic and robotics expert. Their hologram however is the best ult out of the 3 IMO. The distraction perk SAYS it extends the hologram duration when you shoot someone in the back with a pistol. Like several things from TC it does not work as advertised. If you shoot anything near the hologram with any weapon it extends the duration(Unless they patched it). With a tri shot it is possible to keep it out indefinitely. Boss’s are not affected but everything else is. I’ve tossed it out and started shooting the boss. Every other enemy was busy fighting the hologram while we focused the boss. I built up so much duration from shooting the boss that the hologram was out even after the wave ended.

Baird-I too am a Baird main and I just got him to 20. My build is precision repair, global lockers, experimental weapons. For reasons you’ve mentioned. However my final 2 are different. I run combat engineer because 330% repair speed is a god send. The sooner I fix something the more time I have to do other things. You may think with precision repair why would I use the repair tool? Well on Masters you won’t get to proc precision as often as you’d like. Things are just too beefy for a non dmg dealing class. Plus it doesn’t repair the taps and those are very important now. Unless they spawn in your base they take a beating and need to be fixed often. When there’s 4 of them you will want the repair speed. As for my final perk I too run Bloody DR-1 because it’s so much more dmg. However the bot is ■■■■■■■■. If you don’t like bloody dr-1 you can use precision bleed to help with precision repairs. When you headshot a drone and it’s still alive, their jerk reflex is to hop back into cover. The bleed is often enough to prevent them from regening until they pop their heads out of cover. I like to use a perfect reload from a longshot then switch to the embar. The longshot probably took half their health and the embar gets it’s bonus dmg from there. Best to aim for leeches, juvies, imagos since they die easier. If your aim is good and quick enough, other snipers is possible. Just don’t get shot at.

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Thank you for your input! I’d heard rumors about the perks not working retroactively…thats just unfortunate.

Its the lvl 3-4 fences is where engineers are split. Hopefully with my advice and comments like yours we can get people to try using none, a few, and a lot of higher level barriers so everyone can figure out the engineering style that works for them!

Okay, as long as the Architect’s card hasn’t been patched it works with ANY weapon…well now I have to revisit my build! I appreciate you sharing your “Robotics Expert” build…still Baird…I refuse to play the class with any other character… Again, I hope folks read my advice and all the comments like yours so they can truly make the Engineer classes their own!


I did forget to say, well done, on the effort you went to, but, as i said, some of what you wrote was, pointless, as it is already in the game. This game is a Team Based game, and as such, only Noobs will just jump in to it with no clue or brains. That said, again, well done on your effort. Sorry i did not mention it in my original reply.
As for you having a Second Engineer in the game for XP uses, that is all well and good, you are not the only one to do this. I often play this way with my Son, who wants to level up his Engineer, but does not want to play as an Engineer. Why he wants to in the first place puzzles me, but he does, and we have a good time, argue and MDK the enemy.

The style i play with Barriers and Weapons Lockers involves only level 2 Barriers, you do not need anything over that. Unless you go mental with Barriers which i do sometimes when i am on my Jack Todd. I will create three lines of barriers, lines 1 and 2 will be level 2 and the final barrier will be a level 4, but these are heavily protected by MG Sentries.
The Barrier and Weapons Lockers route requires you to have loads of weapons and keep constantly switching from the Weapons Lockers, as Baird i find this useful for when i am Markza murdering.

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I appreciate that. I understand you sentiment on “know what you’re doing before you just jump in”, but I still look for guides to read, other styles to try. If what I wrote didn’t help YOU improve that’s fine. Some folks just know what they want and can make it work. I decided I liked engineering in op 2, but the way my brain works I had to do research, read guides, watch youtube play throughs. I get that not everyone’s mind works that way. Like I said in the begining, I was frustrated cuz I would have 12 different pages open just trying to compare playstyles. That’s why I made this more of a collection of information. I have my guide, and I’m inviting other styles to share their tips here so people like me can access all the info in one place. I really do appreciate the building style you’ve mentioned! I have to try it once my crew is consistently comfortable in advanced. Lol

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Such a nice person. Ahhh, the player base today, init awesome.
There are some types of people on this game that make me wish for Bots in the game to play with… Oh, wait, there is.
Sad fact of the truth is, i am not the only one complaining about the Fabricator being wide open, the only difference is, i am here letting the people that wanted it, it was not needed by persons such as myself.
If they wanted an open Fabricator, all they had to do was put on Gears of War 4 Horde, it is already there, set, prepped and ready to go. Also, to not want an Engineer in the team is a choice, you make the choice you live with it. Now, that choice has been taken away from me, there is nothing i can do about it. Yet, the choice to not have an Engineer has, or had always been there. Dos not take a genius to figure that one out. Now, if i want to play an Engineer, i got to put up with the bloody idiots that forget the Engineer and build what they want anyway… Because they can.

And, for the record, i was not being snarky. Sarcasm or any other type of emotion does not convey in words, unless of course you are some sort of super empath. So, just out of curiosity, are you. Do you see the word Love, and melt… I am thinking, not.

You are right about one thing, so there is at least something worth anything in your reply, the Skill Cards do not explain things properly, and as such, or at least this is the way i think, you should not mindlessly jump in to a game type such as this without any sort of knowledge. Especially in a Horde game, because lets face it, no one wants that.

I have spent days looking at youtube videos and game guides on how to play Horde. You read, look at these and then you play the game for yourself, and then you draw your own conclusions and play the game in your own particular style.
I have two styles of game play, one with a team, and one with the Bots. With a team i will hardly touch Sentries, unless i think the team is lacking in something, and only then will i build then, but for defence only, i also prefer Shocks over MG Sentries. I like the idea i am helping the team, rather than carrying it. Shocks shock the enemy, giving the team the chance to kill them.
And when i am on a Bots game i am heavily reliant on Sentries, for obvious reasons.

As an after thought, remember my Barriers and Weapons Lockers build is based upon the barriers slowing the enemy down, so you can use the Weapons Lockers effectively. Just load a shed load of weapons and go through them like tomorrow. Bairds overclock is very, very useful here.
This build is not for the faint hearted, you do need a good team, because at the end of the day, there are no Sentries to back you up.
Happy Gaming :slight_smile:

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It’s a useful perk. However, if I’m engineering in the game. I would play it this way… Once I given Jack the forge and everyone a weapons locker (although there would be few barriers, 1-3) then I start upgrading my health perks before I start building tons of barriers that’s as long as I have plenty of power.

And then replace my barriers that were bought from early waves with health perk barriers

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No worries,

And thank you. Never thought I would be where I am now when I started doing this and actually never truly realized how much people enjoyed getting help.

But if you want a easy kind of guideline to follow feel free to copy my format and add your own flair to it.

Truth is I always wanted a team doing this type of thing as doing the guides really does take a long time and that’s part of reason I was so upset with the other poster. When doing things to help others you have to look at the market. You could be best player in horde ever, but if you don’t make it something that looks fun to read while also being well written then you have lost your audience before they even read anything.

Also, would suggest smaller bits. Average read time on a post is around 3 mins (from what all my posts kinda sum up to) so doing posts for specific things can help. Like a guide post about Roboctic expert only or Just base building, things like this.

Like you, I have a true desire to help others and luckily I have found great people who not only have helped me but also thought me some new things.

So if you continue down this road, feel free to ask for anything and also note this people below in particular who know much and I’m sure could also help you.

@Bleeding_Pepper @FirestormOfFear @AmicableWall421 @avaramis @EvilJoshy and heck even the legend @GhostofDelta2.

These are just a few, but I would take what they advise to heart as they know their stuff.

Best luck ahead bro and like I said, if you need any help feel free to ask.



I appreciate that you think highly of me, but engineering in Gears 5 isn’t exactly my forté, having barely done any of it in this game due to it being different and really seeming to have come down to a one way strategy that always works and not much to deviate from compared to Gears 4 which allowed several build styles as an engineer.

I’ve seen AmicableWall421 a lot when I’ve done my reading on the forums. EvilJoshy I knew I recognized! Maybe I’ll break this guide down to smaller bits, but keep the “Compilation” active for one stop shopping. Gotta get those pictures, then make the offshoot guides.

I appreciate not only the tips you have for making a guide, but also all the time you put into making your own guides. You have really done your part to make the Horde community more skilled.