Engineering Guide Compilation

This guide is meant for new engineers or those trying to find advice on how to improve, therefore it is intended as a generalized guide for those playing Beginner to Insane. Insane is currently my preferred setting, as it pushes me to become better as an Engineer (and a player in general). Inconceivable and Master is another beast that someone more experienced than I can write a guide for. At the time of writing I have successfully engineered one Masters run, so maybe I can write a Masters guide once I get a lot more under my belt!

Disclaimer: This guide is based on my own personal preference and experience. I am in no way the greatest engineer, just a competent one who got tired of always seeing many pages of advice but never a single compilation on strategy (see the end of this guide for links to other guides). The energy costs I use in examples do not include the Mechanic’s Efficient Fabrication card or any cost modifiers other than the standard Engineer discount.
Disclaimer II: I’m a Baird player at heart. While I do plan on maxing all the engineers to the new level cap, Baird (I guess the Robotics Expert now) will always be my specialty. I have tried to make this guide as general as I can, so as not to get a Mechanic player trying to use Robotics Expert strategy, but just incase something slips through, I have this disclaimer!

Engineers get a 15% discount on building and upgrading fortifications. They also move more quickly than other classes while holding fortifications. Engineers always spawn with the repair tool in their pistol slot. Repair tools allow you to “shoot” fortifications at close range to repair/reload fortifications at the cost of energy.
Each Engineer also has perks to:
• Increase max health (useful if you find yourself alone most of the time, though unnecessary with good use of cover)
• Decrease ultimate cool down (generally not worth the investment)
• Increase fortification damage (not worth it if you have a good team)
• Increase fortification health (good if you need more survivable fortifications, though the Mechanic gets this and damage reduction with cards and the Robotics Expert repairs with kills, so really just for the Architect)
These perks will be very dependent on how good of a team you have, generally the energy will be better spent building the base up.

Mechanic (Formerly Del)
This class does engineer things on a budget. You have the ability to build fortifications, repair fortifications, and even refill sentries for less energy than anyone else. You can also make fortifications with more health, damage reduction, and more damage (as long as they are above 50% HP) as well as make weapons lockers that reload weapons more quickly. Your ultimate summons two DeeBee Trackers that will hunt down enemies.

Card Setup: I run
• Efficient Fabrication (required card. reduces the cost to build new fortifications by a substantial amount)
• Overclocked Locker (required card. increases reload speed of weapon lockers you build)
• Custom Robotics (increased damage with DeeBee weapons by 60% at card level 6)
• Reinforced Fabrication (fortifications you build have more HP)
• Ingenuity (repair speed is increased and cost is decreased).
Why do I run these cards? Efficient Fabrication is a required card, simply because you can get things built sooner than other engineers, which is kind of the whole purpose of the Mechanic. I opted for Ingenuity for a similar reason, I can do more with less. Overclocked Locker is awesome because it allows the weapons your team needs to have more ammo (if not fully loaded) when they are needed. Reinforced Fabrication helps my defenses stay alive just a little longer which gives the team more time to kill the enemies so I can safely get in and repair. Custom Robotics is for when I need to hit something, I can hit just a little bit harder.
Other good choices are
• Armor Plating (fortifications take less damage)
• Efficient Sentry (reduce the cost of reloading sentries)
• Overload (fortifications over 50% HP deal more damage)
• Healing Repair (repairing gives you Stim)
If a Jack is in the game Best Friends will increase repair speed and decrease repair cost when he is close to you.
When you unlock the fifth card slot I would recommend running
• Ingenuity
• Reinforced Fabrication
• Overclocked Locker
• Armor Plating
• Efficient Sentry

Weapon Loadout: You spawn with an Enforcer and Overkill. My recommendation is to keep this loadout since you should mostly be shooting when things get close to where you are working (if you even shoot at all once the base is up). Once everyone else has their lockers go ahead and get yourself a locker. I like to stock mine with an Embar (never hurts to keep a precision rifle on hand), a Tri-shot or Salvo (held in reserve for higher health enemies), and a Cryocannon (great against flyers). These weapons are generally available as enemies drop them, so there is no point in buying them (Ensure the team has a good stock of heavy weapons before setting any aside for yourself) (If an Infiltrator (formerly Kait) is in the game, trade your Overkill for their Retro Lancer, it’s worth it).

Target Priority: Use the Cryocannon to deal with any flyers that show up, and prioritize sitting in the back with your Embar, using your enforcer and overkill to fight off enemies breaching the defenses and help out allies that are in a tight spot. Your job is to build the base, but if there is nothing to be done, go ahead and fire away!

Robotics Expert (Formerly Baird)
As the Robotics Expert, you are capable of repairing fortifications faster than anyone else. You have the ability to repair fortifications with precision weapon kills, boost the damage output of any MG Sentries on the field, and make all weapon lockers reload fast…and I do mean FAST. Your ultimate calls in a DR1 with a tri-shot.

Card Setup: I run
• Global Overclock (this is a must have card. Weapons lockers reload 55% faster when this card is at level 6)
• Experimental Weapons (bonus damage with DeeBee weapons against enemies at 50% or less HP)
• Precision Repairs (must have card, repairs fortifications for each precision weapons kill, it’s nice!).
• Bloody DR1 (DR1 deals bleed damage)
• Inspired Sniping (back to back Embar or Longshot hits reduce ultimate cool down)
Why do I run these cards? Global Overclock is absolutely required. Lockers reload at crazy speeds meaning weapons the team needs WILL be ready when they are needed (plus it pairs really well with lockers built and boosted by the Mechanic). Precision Repairs is another required card, as it gives you free repairs for precision kills, and its one of the main selling points of the Robitics Expert. Bloody DR1 adds a little extra kick to your ult, meaning it has more stopping power against large enemies or when you’re about to get overrun. Experimental Weapons makes the Embar truly deadly, as well as improving the other DeeBee weapons when they are needed. Inspired Sniping helps me get my ult back faster, so I can throw out an aggressive teammate that can take the heat off allies more often.
I was running Combat Engineer and Bloody Support instead of Bloody DR1 and Inspired Sniping with great success, and I will definitely go back to that setup if there is a Marksman (formerly Fahz) in the match as my ability to successfully snipe drops drastically when a Marksman is around.
Common substitutes are
• Combat Engineer (repair 330% faster (at level 6) on repairs that take longer than 2 seconds. real useful when repairing weapon lockers or taps)
• Bloody Support (gets a decent amount of bleed damage with precision weapons when your ultimate is fully charged. When running the enemy Regen modifier, this can help keep a boss from regening if the team has to scatter)
• Global Sentry Upgrade (unfortunately ONLY MG sentries, but they get 35% more damage when this card is level 6)
When the last card slot is unlocked at level 9, I would recommend running
• Combat Engineer (repair faster when repairing for more than 2 seconds continuously)
• Nerves of Steel (repair faster when enemies are near)
• Global Sentry Upgrade (all MGs deal more damage)
• Heavy Resistance (damage resistance against heavy weapons)
• either Enforcer Porting (reduced recoil on the enforcer) or Inspired Sniping (back to back Embar or Longshot hits reduce ultimate cool down) depending on your playstyle

Weapon Loadout: You spawn with an Embar and Overkill. Early on the Overkill is nice, but I will usually swap it out with the first Precision weapon that shows up. Again, get yourself a weapon locker after everyone else has theirs. If I get myself a weapon locker before another precision weapon shows up I will throw the overkill on it for emergencies. I like to use the Embar and Longshot for general sniping, and I keep a Torque Bow on the locker for higher health enemies/because its fun (I will use a Markza for the little guys if it appears early, but I’ll drop it when I need the space for a better weapon). Another viable option (depending on card setup) is to follow the Mechanic’s weapon loadout, or a mix between the two. Ideally favoring the use of precision weapons. These weapons are generally available as enemies drop them, though buying a Torque Bow and/or a Longshot is acceptable if they don’t seem to be showing up (if a Marksman (formerly Fahz) is in the game they get first pick as precision weapons show up) (If an Infiltrator (formerly Kait) is in the game, trade your Overkill for their Retro Lancer, it’s worth it) (If a Gunner (formerly Clayton) is in the game, they MAY offer their Torque Bow for your Overkill, take it and say “thank you”).

Target Priority: You should be using precision weapons to kill the weakest enemies you can find. With precision repairs each kill gives you free repairs, so get the most out of that!

Architect (Formerly Kat)
You are able to regenerate stim when you haven’t taken any damage for a few seconds. You have the ability to repair fortifications for less energy and can boost fortifications damage output as long as they are above 50% HP. Your ultimate sends out a holographic decoy that can distract enemies.

Card Setup: I run
• Regenerative Field (previously Halo) (regenerate Stim when undamaged for a short period of time)
• Stim Capacity (increases the amount of Stim you can have)
• Top of the Line (fortifications over 50% HP deal more damage)
• Flow (damage resistance while repairing)
• Repair Efficiency (reduce repair cost and increase repair speed)
Why do I run these cards? Regenerative Field and Stim Capacity fit together really well, with the lack of damage cards I figured “why NOT make the Architect a super-tank of an engineer?” and chose to add in Flow. As an engineer, Repair Efficiency was a no brainer. The last card was a little bit of a toss up, I only use the Hologram ability sparingly, mostly to dash out of the defenses to revive a teammate, so Hologram Lifetime and Rootkit didn’t add much to how I wanted to play the class, so I opted for the only other horde card available, and went for Top of the Line.
Your other horde cards are
• Hologram Lifetime (increases the duration of your Hologram)
• Rootkit (repairing decreases your ultimate cool down)
At level 9 I recommend running
• Flow
• Top of the Line
• Repair Efficiency
• Score Boost
• Rootkit

Weapon Loadout: You spawn with an Embar and Enforcer. Since you have no weapon cards for horde, the loadout is a mix between personal preference and availability. I will usually keep the Embar (or swap it out for a Longshot when one shows up) because it never hurts to keep a precision weapon on hand. I tend to keep the enforcer or replace it with a Hammerburst (depending on weapon drops) and pick up a Claw, either an Overkill or Gnasher, and sometimes I’ll snag a hand-me-down Lancer. Just like with the Mechanic, if you can keep a Cryocannon, it can come in handy. Because of your lack of weapon cards for horde, weapons should be scavenged from the battlefield, never bought.

Target Priority: Depends on what weapons you can get and the team composition, you can fill in for a missing role when not doing engineer things.

Fun Facts about the weapons I recommend:
• The Embar and Torque Bow bypass the shield on a guardian/sentinal, so dealing small amounts of damage is still possible when its shield is up (though breaking the shield still gives you a HUGE damage boost against it)
• Cryocannons deal immense amounts of damage to flyers and are very useful against bosses
• When carefully aimed, the explosion of the Salvo can be used to damage a Matriarch that is facing you
• The Torque Bow is a precision weapon AND an explosive weapon, but it is NOT a precision rifle
• Embar rounds pass through enemies, so if you see one enemy in front of another, you can hit them both with one shot. I have occasionally had it work out so I got headshots on both of them, killing two enemies with just one shot!
• DeeBee weapons include the Embar, Overkill, Enforcer, Salvo, Trishot, and Shock grenades
• An active reload with the Torque Bow can allow you to shoot the head off of a DR1 at long ranges, shutting down a Salvo or Trishot before it poses a threat to the team (untested with the more health modifier, so unsure if it still does that, though I would imagine the explosion from the shot would finish the job if needed).

Buildable Items:

Barriers give shape to your base. They slow down enemies at lower levels and become impassable barricades at higher levels. The issue with level 3 and 4 barriers is that enemies will attack them. This can be quite expensive to maintain.
Level 1 (1,700 energy): Good to start with, slows enemies down
Level 2 (1,700 energy): Bread and butter for your base, slows enemies down
Level 3 (2,550 energy): Impassible Barrier. Robotics Expert using Precision Repairs makes good use of this as a last line of defense. Other than that, not worth it.
Level 4 (3,400 energy): Impassible barrier. Generally never more than 2, even that is dependent on the map and overall setup. Robotics Expert using Precision Repairs makes good use of this as a last line of defense.

Decoys distract enemies so you and your teammates can gun them down before they pose any real threat. Enemies will shoot at decoys if the decoy is closer than a real teammate. Robotics Expert with Precision Repairs won’t have to invest much into repairs for decoys.
Level 1 (2,550 energy): one or two isn’t a bad idea
Level 2 (2,550 energy): becomes more durable
Level 3 (2,550 energy): becomes more durable
Level 4 (2,550 energy): gets grenades strapped to it. When it is destroyed it will explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies. My preferred method is to rebuild when destroyed, but not repair it (unconfirmed if this is an ideal strategy or not, it’s just what I do when using decoys (I don’t frequently use decoys, working on getting better with them though))

MG Sentry
MGs are great for guarding unwatched entries and defending against flyers and Pouncers that get past the main defenses. A Mechanic with Efficient Sentry and Overload can use these more offensively with good results.
Level 1 (4,250 energy): Runs out of ammo very quickly
Level 2 (4,250 energy): gets a wider field of view, and more ammo and damage
Level 3 (5,951 energy): gets a wider field of view and more ammo and damage
Level 4 (6,801 energy): approximately 135 degree field of view and more ammo and damage, great for defending the interior of the base against flyers and Pouncers

Shock Sentry
Shock Sentries have great range and stun enemies for a short time, allowing allies to close in for the kill or to sneak by for a revive. These benefits are offset by low damage and a slow rate of fire. Two of them at level four can keep a warden pinned for a good while (as long as they are alternating fire).
Level 1 (3,400 energy): does a small amount of damage and stuns enemies. Has great range but incredibly narrow field of view. Relatively low amount of ammo
Level 2 (3,400 energy): increased field of view, ammo, damage, and range
Level 3 (5,100 energy): increased field of view, ammo, damage, and range
Level 4 (5,950 energy): increased field of view, ammo, damage, and range

Weapon Locker
Weapon Lockers can store and reload weapons that have been placed in them. Higher level Lockers reload faster than lower level ones.
Level 1 (4,250 energy): first or second thing that should be built
Level 2 (4,250 energy): top priority to upgrade
Level 3 (4,250 energy): one per teammate required if you are working with a “minimal footprint” style base.
Level 4 (4,250 energy): one per teammate required and one or two dedicated to communal heavy weapons preferred. Get to level four as soon as you can safely afford to.

Used to turn extra weapons into energy.
Level 1 (8,500 energy): First thing that gets built if there is a Jack on the team
Level 2 (8,500 energy): Top priority. Gets more energy per smelt
Level 3 (8,500 energy): Top priority. Gets more energy per smelt
Level 4 (8,500 energy): Top priority. 120 energy to each player per weapon smelted (explosive and heavy weapons provide more). Jack has the ability to increase that amount when he smelts weapons (+200% at card level 5). If the whole team brings Jack weapons between waves/jack smelts during the wave the cost of the forge is quickly offset.

Base building guide
1. First thing is to find a defensible location and move the fabricator there. If you’re playing frenzy pick up the fab and immediately drop it to figure out where the starting taps are (this can be done in standard horde as well, but it may be more important to prioritize defense over the initial tap). Find a spot near the starting taps.
2. Once the location is selected you need to build a level 1 forge (if there is a jack)(unnecessary in frenzy)(do a couple barriers before the forge at higher difficulties).
3. Next order of business is a level 1 locker for your Demolitions (or whatever your main DPS is, such as Infiltrator or Gunner).
4. The next step is to get the Forge and Locker to level 4 (folks can share the locker for now).
5. Now, depending on how everyone is doing either get one Locker per team mate to level 4 followed by a couple barriers, OR build a couple barriers followed by the lockers.
a. A note on this, if everyone is doing well, prioritize the lockers.
b. A second note on this, do NOT build other things before the above items…if you begin building turrets before you upgrade the forge and weapons lockers most folks will stop depositing and/or leave the match, it’s the sign of an engineer that wants to get kills and solo the waves instead of actually supporting the team. Nobody wants to watch you play with yourself, so take it to a private lobby if you want to solo waves.
6. Next should be more barriers (enough that you can turn them so they run the length of the entryway instead of the width. Most places can have this done with just two barriers). Get those barriers to level 2 if they aren’t already.
7. Now if people need some backup get one Shock Sentry per entrance, otherwise, get yourself a locker and get a dedicated heavy weapons locker going before building a Shock.
8. Start upgrading the shocks and putting a few more level 2 barriers in front of the ones you already have.
9. At this point your base should be fairly well set up. Try to get two level 4 shock sentries at each entryway and a couple MGs at the back of the base in case a flyer or Pouncer gets inside. If there is room you can put an MG or two at entryways (My ideal setup is two shock sentries (three if there’s space) and one MG (two if the team needs/asks for them) at each point of entry). Feel free to make more lockers if they are needed and you have the space. Remember to space out your turrets so you don’t lose two or three to a single stray Boomshot or Dropshot. Feel free to place Decoys as the situation calls for it.

Remember that these instructions are a baseline, not a rule. Sometimes you have to shift priorities around because the team composition or the map calls for it. Different engineers play differently as well, so the Mechanic will probably just have more…of everything…while the Robotics Expert plays well with more and higher level barriers (higher level as the last barrier, not the first). The Architect might just want to follow the guide as is with a few personal changes.

• To explain the logic behind favoring Shock Turrets over MGs: Shock Turrets stun enemies so they are unable to hurt your allies. While yes, MGs can kills things outright with little to no assistance, it sometimes takes too long and friendlies will be downed. More often than not the wide coverage area of an MG gets cut off by walls and entryways and allies will tend to find cover outside the range of an MG, so the usable field of view becomes the same as a Shock (negating the main advantage of MGs) while not having a range long enough to actually support your allies. Plus Shocks are cheaper to build, upgrade, and reload than MGs are! Remember, Shocks CAN kill things, it just doesn’t usually happen if you don’t create the proper conditions (a couple max level shocks that cover a good chunk of level 2 barrier infested territory is more than proper conditions).
• To explain the logic behind only taking Barriers to level 2: at levels 3 and 4, enemies will attack them. Yes, they are impassable walls, but they are very expensive and time consuming to keep repaired, plus most bosses will break them no problem. Level 2 barriers slow enemies down to the point where even a shock turret can kill some enemies before they get through. As a result of only being slowed, level 2 Barriers don’t take much damage (unless a salvo or grenade go off nearby or they get caught in a boss’ AOE attack). The only time I use level 4 Barriers is at the end of a long row of level 2 as a last line of defense/in a dead end T hallway.
○ Example: At arrivals (near player spawn) on Vasgar, I have a turret back against the dead end after the left side stairs (left when facing enemy spawn), the enemies come from the other end of the T (up the stairs) and should turn to get to us, but sometimes go straight, towards the turret. In this situation, they almost never make it as far as the level 4 Barrier, but its there to protect the sentry just incase.

Multiple Engineer Strategy

If you end up with multiple engineers in a match it will ideally be a Mechanic and a Robotics Expert. The Mechanic should take point and build all the fortifications because their bonuses only work on fortifications they build. The Robotics Expert’s cards affect MGs and Lockers no matter who builds them. With the Mechanic building the base, the Robotics Expert is free to act as a dedicated sniper during the wave to get those free repairs. Between waves the Robotics Expert can help the Mechanic move items around (the Mechanic builds two barriers, each grabs one and places them), and repair high HP fortifications such as taps and Lockers because the Robotics Expert can repair quickly with the Combat Engineer card.

Architect and Robotics Expert is a similar strategy, though the Architect doesn’t need to be the only one building and upgrading.

Architect and Mechanic is the weakest pairing since the Architect cannot build and upgrade as cheap as the Mechanic, does not repair faster (or free with precision kills) like the Robotics Expert, and doesn’t boost fortifications any more than the Mechanic can. The one thing they can do well is run into the line of fire to repair/reload with their Stim and Hologram in an “oh sh*t” situation. Don’t get me wrong, the Architect can hold their own as an engineer, they just don’t bring much to the table when the Mechanic is also in the match. It’s a similar idea with having two Mechanics, they can’t boost the others defenses and don’t really bring anything to the table that the other one doesn’t have.

Having all three (or any mix of three or more Engineers) in the same match is not a good idea. Too many cooks in the kitchen for not enough benefit. Sure, if you and a couple buddies wanna mess around with that it can be fun, its just not effective enough to be desirable.

It is important to note that you can’t just join a match as the Mechanic and expect the Robotics Expert player to hand over the reins to you. The Robotics Expert can join a match with a Mechanic and settle into a supporting engineer role just fine. Always communicate. If you join a match as the Robotics Expert and there’s already a Mechanic, make sure to let the Mechanic know you’re gonna support with precision repairs and global overclock, they are still the primary engineer. If a Mechanic joins and you’ve been engineering as the Robotics Expert, feel free to give the Mechanic the primary engineer role. It’s a little rude if the Mechanic joins and just demands it though.

Playing as a team (useful for non-engineer classes/how to show some love to your engineer)
• There are four things to do between waves (three if there is no Jack). Collecting energy from a tap, securing a tap, building/repairing fortifications, and running weapons to the forge for Jack to smelt. Collecting energy from the battlefield can be done as small detours while accomplishing these other tasks (ideally before it degrades, but its not always safe to run out mid-wave).
• Deposit energy. Never just hold the energy for long periods of time. At the start of each wave (please no more than every two waves) go ahead and deposit all your energy. With a few notable exceptions, you are not going to need all of it.
• When buying weapons at the fabricator, please do it before you deposit, and make sure not to use any stored energy (at least in the early waves when money is tight). The worst feeling is having enough to buy or upgrade a fortification and leaving enough leftover for midwave repairs and reloads only to have all the funds disappear after you did that upgrade. As a note to engineers, always try to leave a couple thousand energy on hand, just in case things go south midwave and you need to reload or repair.
• I have certain maps (like Training Grounds) where my build is solid and easy for me to repair, especially if there is a Jack on the team. Other maps (like Blood Drive or Pahanu) can sometimes get very spread out. In the case of a map like Blood Drive, I appreciate when my teammates help me between waves either repairing/reloading, or touching up weak spots at the far reaches of the base. That being said, this should never happen before the late 30’s (Wave 9 or 10 in frenzy) at the earliest. If the engineer asks you to stop, then stop. To play it safe, ask the Engineer if they want you to get a repair tool to help with upkeep between the waves. Call out weak points in the defenses “I could use another shock sentry to back me up on this far side” or “hey, a barrier broke, want me to replace it?” if the engineer needs help they will either tell you to go for it, or will buy the needed item and meet you halfway for you to place as you need. As the engineer, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most folks won’t be using a pistol on the later waves, and many are more than happy to pick up a Repair Tool and help you out.
• Please use the lockers that the engineer makes for you. If the engineer tries to get your attention and then direct your attention to an empty locker, that means he made it for YOU. I see too many people (oddly enough its always seems to be the Combat Medic player) buy a Longshot, then a couple waves later they will drop the Longshot and buy a Gnasher. The next wave they drop the Gnasher and buy a Longshot. All with a row of empty Weapon Lockers literally right behind them.
• Take the Lockers where you need them to be, but make sure the engineer knows where that is for repair/upgrade purposes. Please take responsibility for your own locker….turn it red in the wall during boss waves if it is in danger of being broken. Actually, do this for all fortifications in widespread bases. As the Matriarch approaches your position, hide your Locker and any Sentries and Barriers (if the Engineer is not nearby). Once the boss is down, put them back.
• Be a helpful Engineer. If Lockers have been turned red in walls, go ahead and hang out by the Demolitions’ Locker. When they turn around to get a new weapon, pull it out for them. After they swap their weapons put the Locker back in the wall. If you don’t have repairs to make between waves you can pickup the Forge and follow Jack around the battlefield. When you get to a killzone drop the Forge and let Jack smelt. Then pick it back up and follow him to the next killzone.
• Whenever using heavy weapons, try to put them back on an empty locker slot to recharge instead of dropping them on the ground or overwriting another heavy weapon of the same type. Also, always pay attention to make sure you’re not overwriting someone else’s weapon.

Hopefully these small pieces of advice I have collected can help you keep your team safe and well supplied! Maybe some non-engineers read this and wanna give it a try, or have decided it’s not for them. No matter what your playstyle is, thank you for reading this. Don’t forget to thank the good engineers and to be patient with the new ones. It’s a thankless job when it goes well, “it’s the engie’s fault” when it goes poorly (not really, but I have been blamed for incompetent teammates before), and it’s ALWAYS an unforgiving task.

P.S. New and improving engineers (myself included) need to see proper (and varied) advice that they can use to develop the style that works for them! So leave tips, links to guides, or just full blown guides in the comments! Thank you!

Other Engineer Resources (I don’t agree with everything said, but to each their own playstyle. Some content of these guides are pre-Op5, so understanding what no longer applies is important.):

Any comments by @Hu1k_Daddy should be held in high regard (watch out for his trolling double though, not sure if it’s still active. Look for the “1” (the real deal) instead of the “L” (not the real deal))

Any Comments by @Bleeding_Pepper should be held in high regard

Playing Baird on Masters by PentakillOlaf (PizzaLegolas) (now the Robotics Expert)

Playing Baird on Beginner and Advanced w/ pro tips by I Lap the Flash (now the Robotics Expert)

Playing Del by Hu1kDaddy (highly recommend any and all of his guides) (now the Mechanic)

Playing Del on Beginner and Advanced w/ pro tips by I Lap the Flash (now the Mechanic)

Being a Helpful Engineer by StingerBall

Engineering 101 by @DinnerWithSage

Ultimate Horde Guide (not engineer specific, but still has good strategies the engineer can use) By PentakillOlaf (PizzaLegolas)




That was a lot of effort that is mostly wasted due to Op 4 and Op 5.
The Fabricator being wide open, every one now has access to the thing, you will always get the odd idiot buying MG Sentry positioning it where it will not even last a Wave and go back again and again doing the same thing. The Engineer whilst still having a role to play in the game has been reduced in that role now the Fabricator is wide open.

I only read half of what you wrote, as the last half is pointless, anyone with half a brain will read what their character can do, along with their skills and Cards, there was no need to put it all down here. Also, no one uses Decoys in Gears 5 Horde, you simply do not need them. it is possible to play the whole thing on Inconceivable with out Sentries, MG and Shocks, with a good team.
I have done it… I always start with Barriers, get a line of Barriers out, then Weapons Lockers, after that, you pretty much can do what you want, i will chuck out a second line of Barriers than more Weapons Lockers. I find i can play a whole 50 with just these 2 Fortification types. I will have a Weapons Locker for myself loaded with Markza and Longshot, and i will put a Boomer on another Weapons Locker for myself, or others to use, as mostly i never get the chance to use it. I play Baird too, i hate that whining ■■■■, Del.

People playing the Engineer do it all kinds of ways, they have even Posted their ideas up here too, this sort of work requires a personal touch, and for that reason, i will never play with a second Engineer. Besides, there is enough competition nowadays for the Energy. Made worse with anyone and everyone using the Fabricator to build MG Sentries.

My target audience were folks looking to improve, IDEALLY playing with a group that lets the Engineer be the Engineer…there will ALWAYS be those idoits unfortunately.
I’ve never done a run with only Barriers and Lockers. I finally have a full team of friends playing with , so once everyone gets comfortable I’ll have to try that! I appreciate you sharing that!
I understand the only one engineer idea, again, I’ve got my friend group, so we all play nice together, which allows me to play Baird as the dedicated sniper/assistant/mentor Engineer while a friend is figuring out how to engineer. Since I’ve seen it happen with random teammates enough I figured it was at least worth touching on. But yeah, everyone having access to the Fab is the reason I rarely play with random teammates anymore.


Very good, if long, write-up. Wish that a lot of people would read this, but I fear those who really need to read it won’t.

Trust me, I know it’s definitely long…haha! I’m glad you appreciate it! I wish more folks would read it too. Sadly the only people that will pay attention are the ones that WANT to improve. Good on them, but they aren’t the problem to begin with.

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Although I don’t play very much Horde with randomers, I’ve played a few games through the lobby page recently, and I’ve not come across any where other non-Engineers have been disrespecting the Engineer’s role. They’ve been depositing money and haven’t been building fortifications themselves. Maybe I just got lucky, but I do sometimes wonder if this complaint about non-Engineers building things is overstated.

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I’ve noticed it’s most at the lower difficulties. As you get higher you find more competent players that actually want to beat wave 50 instead of just trying to get MVP every wave. They still exist on insane, they are just few and far between.

That might explain it. I only ever play on Inconceivable or Master. That said, I’ve played like, 3 matches recently using the lobbies system so it’s a small sample.

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I just want to say that I’ve been enjoying a more combat related Del in my horde frenzy matches. DB weapon damage (60%) as well as 1-6% damage per hit, up to 100% with enforcer, as well as bloody trackers, as you get your ult faster the more damage you deal. You do A LOT… of damage. You don’t need to take the trackers if you dont want them, but I find them fun to use. Cards I’d use in this setup are - 60% damage DB weapons - 1-6% per hit up to 100% enforcer - Ingenuity - Efficient fabrication - Bloody trackers -

Fort hp is nice but I can live without it, and if the perk works I can just take a few points into that. I hear it doesn’t work atm which kinda sucks. I just find that lockers/sentries still blow up in 1-2 hits with the HP on so it doesn’t really matter for them, it’s mostly for the barricades. And the locker card is nice and you can replace bloody trackers for it but tbh I find a lot of people not making full use of the locker so CBF tbh.

One thing I didn’t know about was the fact t4 deocys explode for damage due to the grenades on them. Thought it was just visual lol. Does it actually deal good damage/kill certain enemies on master?

Also : “• An active reload with the Torque Bow can allow you to shoot the head off of a DR1 at long ranges, shutting down a Salvo or Trishot before it poses a threat to the team (untested with the more health modifier, so unsure if it still does that, though I would imagine the explosion from the shot would finish the job if needed).”

Well, if you headshot an enemy the torque doesn’t get stuck to them, it just goes through them. So the explosion won’t kill them…

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen those really do significant damage to most enemies. A shame because it was fun watching a load of Juvies and Grenadiers or other Drones gather up around a Level 4 decoy in Gears 4 to watch most or all of them go boom with it not soon afterwards.

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That build actually sounds kinda fun! Not a big Del player, but I might have to try that!

I cant speak to masters with the decoys as I’ve only engineered masters once and only ever done one other successful masters run. t4 Decoys are useful enough when I’ve used them, not great damage, but it’ll kill juvies and leaches while doing SOMETHING to tougher enemies.

Really? I was under the impression that unless the enemy dies the Torque Bow sticks to them.

Why was it so strong in gears 4? Cards? Or it was just a lot more powerful and they nerf’d it in gears 5?


Yeah I’m not a big Del player either, he’s my least played. However, I’ve been grinding him for cards/level 20 and I just found it fun. Active enforcer clip did so much damage to a carrier and a snatcher. Was pretty crazy, and I’m not even max’d cards.

I’ll prob try it out, sounds like a good trick every round to get rid of the initial rush of trash enemies (juuvies/leeches).

And I’m pretty sure the Torque does go through them. I always notice it goes through the DR1’s head, and I see/hear an explosion far off in the distance. Maybe there is an area you can hit to count as a headshot + still stick to an enemy like their chin.

no, its just that all fortifications in gears 4 were stronger. like a LOT stronger.

well now I have to try it! I appreciate you sharing your build!

Interesting…I know it doesnt stick when the head flies off…I’m gonna have to pay attention to this now. Maybe find a sweet spot and update the Torque Bow fact accordingly. Thanks for pointing this out!

Probably nerfed as I don’t recall any specific skill boosting decoys or other fortifications beyond more health, which you could make super durable decoys with. Well, except Sentry boosts of course(:roll_eyes:). Those existed for faster rate of fire and ammo capacity. Most used them for an obnoxious sentry spamming build where not much was required from the team, matches I never stayed in after a point.

But to the point, they just nerfed them in Gears 5, both in their health(pretty much like Level 3 and 4 barriers which I see hardly anybody use now) and the explosion damage. Because clearly everything has to be more “skillful” and “balanced” in Gears 5 Horde at the expense of fun.

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np. And another thing to add is the bleeding tracker damage should also refresh some of the duration of the ult by itself, so it’s more powerful than you would think imo.

Oh, so does a level 1 sentry deal the same damage as a level 4 sentry? It’s only ammo capacity/range/width (for sentry/shock). If so it might be a good idea to just get a t2-t3 sentry only, no?


T3-t4 barriers in gears 4 were better? I haven’t found a big use for them besides the fact it makes matriarch stop her running animation and as a luxery if we get overrun so it stalls enemies.

good catch…pretty sure damage increases. someone correct me if im wrong here.

idk i might try to test sometime tbh. But it’s just what I figured, as I just remember TC always saying they want to encourage you to build a base and upgrade, not build multiple structures. This was supported by the old system where after you built 5 structures the cost increased.

Oh. and tf2 sentries (lol).

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Much better. Aka they could stop a Snatcher or Carrier for a good while especially combined with health boosts. Instead of a single Drone Elite wrecking a Level 4 barrier while not even Bastion shielded. I’ve even seen engineers do ridiculous(albeit boring) builds where they spread Level 3/4 barriers over the map and the enemies mostly just suicided against them. I wouldn’t do such but when you needed those barriers to hold some enemies off from breaking through, that’s what they did. And MG Sentries were also shooting more than rubber bullets.

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yeah MG sentries seem meh except for juuvies/leeches now, just covering trash enemies. shocks are useful for the utility though,

But yeah thats unfortunate. t3-t4 is just a luxery/situational thing now I guess. Wish it wasn’t so expensive to repair. I mean, idk. Cog Gears healing forts is pretty good with it though, as it can heal it even when its destroyed. So theres that.

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