Engineer mains - do you know how to have fun?

I will preface this by saying that I’m a competent enough Engineer, have done plenty of Master runs and my Del & Baird are both 18s with cards at 3/4/5 (not maxed out, but you get the idea, right?). I’m not a Sentry-spammer, and know what is expected of Engies but it’s not my main character of choice - I would prefer to play as a Lizzie/Marcus/Clayton/Keegan/Kait-style damage dealer when given the choice (those are my choices in order of preference - JD and his 4th of July fireworks are not my style).
I’m part of a regular crew of 5 who’ve been playing Horde together weekly since GoW4, and if I say it myself we’ve a bloody good team developed who complement each other well and can pretty-much rinse Master on any of the maps.
So, after speaking to our Engineer main, and having joined hundreds of custom lobbies, and now reading all of the threads/post from Engies on here since Op4, I have reached a conclusion and wonder if this strikes a chord with any other Engineers…?

The typical Engineer seems NOT to be a Gears-for-fun player. They are very business-like, and treat Horde runs as jobs rather than entertainment. There seems to be a lot of analysis of percentage costs to buy & upgrade etc, and managing the amount of power in the fab (like accountants!). Then, there were the huge numbers of the posts from engineers after they opened the fab were complaints about how they were surplus to requirement, or their job got harder since others could buy. Why not use that to your advantage, and use Baird with a precision weapon to aid your repairs of others fortifications, and start having some fun yourselves in mowing down the Horde? Tuck yourself into the cover next to Marcus with a Markza in hand, and Band of Brothers the headshots until everything is repaired to within an inch of its life but make sure you’ve had fun doing it??

Addendum - this is not a judgement, just an observation… but are Engie mains having fun??

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I think the key term to think about is “active involvement” - which to me is how active a player is during the course of the game. The more active they are, the better because they’re not just sitting there becoming bored.

JACK is arguably a boring character because he just smelts weapons inbetween waves and revives people with LT.

Engineers can potentially be active throughout the wave if they’re repairing on the go, as well as doubling as a support medic, spotting dangerous targets or something. Also in my group of friends, the engineer is typically the Cryo-Cannon user when we get Guardians/Sentinels/Flocks. I guess it’s about how players choose to play the role, and the difficulty.

I mean, playing as Fahz can potentially be boring if there’s a JD and a Keegan spamming explosives and the subsequent screen shake makes it much more difficult to hit targets for example.


The business vs fun thing is present in a lot of situations not just the engineer. I think it mostly happens on Master which is ironic because while I definitely see a lot of people wringing every advantage to ensure that a master run is successful I also see a lot of people complaining because “master is too easy” to them. A little less caution, planing and aggressive resource management and it’d get harder and yet they want it harder by code changes to placate their specific perspective :frowning:
As for Baird’s precision repairs - It suffers when other team mates who do more damage kill the guy that you’re shooting at and it suffers when Elite drones head shot you down from the opposite side of the map. I still love it - but I try to only play with Bullet Sponge = Off. If it’s on then you’ll need more than just the card and without a dedicated crew you might not get it.
I agree wholeheartedly though that everybody should be having fun.


Well I do like to play Jack on occasions specifically for this reason, I like to just sit back and relax and rake in the :moneybag:

Who would’ve guessed the forge was such a good form of stress relief?

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Jack on vasgar is certainly not boring!

As for eng I like playing that role, I like the spinning of plates to keep everything repaired and base building. It lost its fun this OP but hopefully it’s a better halfway after todays patch. I’m way way over being the main damage dealer now and quite like a more laid back role while the others try to out do each other for kills.

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I overall love being engineer until I get just simply frustrated. Baird is my let’s help kill things today but want to build that really nice base. Sniping and base building together? Yes! Del is more classic engineer and I love him just as much. I definitely use him as a backup medic with all his stim. Not to mention in the right mood, I love manually repairing. Seeing all the bars fill puts me in a zone that is very relaxing. The most fun is experimenting new ways to build a base and see if it works. Especially now that prices don’t go up anymore.

For me As engineer frustration happens when people buy decoys and have know clue how they work. Or people either buy new sentries and move them to the front or move my sentries to the front. This takes all the kills. Both these people get angry when I move the decoys/sentries to a better position. Some start sabotaging. Those two times yup all business once they get angry at me for working with it but putting in a better place for everyone. (Healthy kick for those people) So it’s the selfish behavior in horde thats kills the fun. Granted when you have a team this doesn’t happen. Otherwise yes, we do!


Thats why i try to snag a kill on a downed drone as much as possible when playing as baird.

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Well… How do Decoys work?

Very little high level info about them on Youtube, I use them but I’m not an expert with them.

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A player seems to always take precedence over a decoy. Get to close and they will still fire at you, to far away they still fire at you not the decoy. Unless it’s lvl4 then it gains all the attention. Problem is they no longer have the heath to take the hits. So either the decoy gets ignored or destroyed in a few seconds. So they need to be close enough not to get ignored and in barriers so those that run up to it can’t melee it. Though they still die on one or 2 boomshots. I don’t feel it’s worth it. My personal experience that is. But , I am open to suggestions with them. I like learning new ways to engineer!

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Well Del has that one card that would make them more durable, but aside from that I’m guessing you just gotta be real smart about where you place them :slight_smile:

I consider myself an engineer main and I am very relaxed when it comes to my purpose. However there are a few things that upset me.

  1. Being told how to play engineer
    Mainly when someone else tells me what I can and can’t build. I’ve had some people tell me to not build barriers because we had a Lizzie. Do we really need to abuse a stun exploit to win masters? If I’m not allowed to build then I feel I am just a repair ■■■■■ so I leave. I also got people who told me to not build decoys or shock sentries. Decoys I can understand but anyone who thinks a shock sentry isn’t worth purchasing doesn’t know how to play horde.

  2. The open fabricator
    This is good and it’s bad. I don’t mind the fab being open but now that engineer lost what made it unique, I feel we deserve some compensation. Mainly I would like to get perks to purchase during horde like virtually every other class. Since the fabricator was opened I feel I no longer contribute. Instead I am there because no one wants to buy a repair tool.

  3. People moving the fabricator
    I put the fab in specific spots for a reason. If you have a better idea I am willing to listen but if you flat out move it without telling me, expect me to move it back. I see too many people place it somewhere to block one entrance and they end up spawning behind us.

Normally I play as Baird. I’ll switch to Kat once in awhile to make use of her hologram but most lobbies kick me when they see her. When I am not refilling a sentry I am either using a tri shot as Kat or as Baird I am using a longshot+embar. Going for precision kills. I often look for imagos or other weaker targets. Even on masters a perfect reload with the longshot can drop some things. If not they are below half and my embar can finish the job. Provided Fahz doesn’t steal my kills -.-
A side topic. Why doesn’t precision repair work on taps?

I mostly plant them on boss waves outside the base. If I have time they will be surrounded by barriers. It’s more to buy everyone time to burn down the boss before it walks into our base.

In Gears 4 you know how annoying it was to buy something as engineer and someone else upgrades it? Not only is it more money but that fort didn’t receive the double health, double armor or whatever the engineer had on. Your running perks to build and people are taking a ■■■■ on your job. It’s like if your Fahz and someone is taking your longshots off your locker. Or taking JD/Keegans explosives.


Lol. You know that type of behaviour is my fun!

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Del does help! I was mostly complaining that they put it out in the middle the of map then when I move it back to a more advantageous position, they get angry.

Nice one @Sable_Collie - although the replies before yours also put the Engineer role in some context that I was maybe aware-of but didn’t really relate to, it was the idea of seeing the fortification health-bar as your reward that sends it home. Thanks for sharing :+1:t2:

Of course, quite frankly I’m shocked some don’t like that. Let damage dealers do damage. I’m gonna run around filling all those bars! Ahh that’s the good stuff.

I haven’t touched engie since op 2 because of this tbh. My engineers are my lowest characters

You should see all the charts and spreadsheets people make on horse breeding in Minecraft.


play as engineer is not as fn asother classes, you must administrate energy, build, repair, calculate where to put fortifications, etc

if other players dn’t deposit, we’re screwd

Anyone that know me, knows my feelings about the Fabricator and how the Engineer needs to work in Horde. In short, Engineers build and repair. Snipers snipe. Non Engineers should not have bonuses to Fortifications, they are not Engineers, it is the Engineers job and only they should have bonuses to Fortifications.
And the rest, i really do not want to get in to it to be honest. If you have read any of my Post, you will know what i am all about.
OP 4 has all but killed the Engineer, and all i can say is, thank The Coalition for Custom Games.

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I’m playing engineer right now only because I want Del to hit Level 15. Then I don’t ever have to worry about the Engineer class again