Engineer Insane/Inconcievable Questions

I got into Horde pretty late in this games life cycle, but have grown to love it as a usual Versus player. I’m a pretty good Scout, but I dont really like it and Heavy gets old after a couple of matches just Dropshotting. I really like Engineer and have maxed the class and a lot of the cards, but have difficulty knowing what cards to use in Public mostly Insane matches with a friend that plays Siphon Soldier. Any advice on what I should run for specific maps? I hate having 1000 sentries doing all the work for us.

I like gate discount, gate health, sentry discount, sentry capacity and repair boost


i use repair speed, sentry cost, discount, fortification health and carry speed or decoy cost

It will REALLY depend on the team and what they want and are able to do…

When I play with my top team mates, I will have

Decoy cost
Decoy health
Fortification health
Team Revive

But that’s highly specific to our game play (no turrets, no sentries, just hands on killing, on incon).

When I play with others who might be as good I’ll usually throw in sentry cost for some backup sentries, and maybe barrier cost.

Keep in mind: they can be shooting at you, stuck in/behind a barriet, but not when they are focusing on a decoy. That’s why we favor decoys over barriers. Lots of decoys. 10+… Keeps them busy :wink:

Balanced (I would spend left over extra Power into Decoys):

  • Barrier Cost.
  • Overclock / Salvage (Grenade Soldier friendly because you can get extra Grenades from Ammo Boxes unlike Lockers).
  • Repair Boost.
  • Sentry Cost.
  • Weapon Locker Cost.


  • Barrier Cost.
  • Barrier HP.
  • Carry Speed.
  • Fortification Health.
  • Overclock.


  • Carry Speed.
  • Decoy Cost.
  • Decoy HP.
  • Fortification HP,
  • Overclock.

I haven’t done too much Inconcievable, is ammo limited in it? I like Overclock but it’s just a ton of scrap to upgrade it to where it is really useful I feel.

The build suggested by @mendigo2005 is without a doubt the best gift an engineer can give to the team, unfortunately it has a HUGE FLAW! your teammates have to actually get the kills.

I only play public inconceivable (used to, don’t play much nowadays) and that build failed several times simply because the team fails to kill the first enemy that ignores the decoys (could be a guardian or even a juvie, depends on the map). A lot of people playing inconceivable don’t have the slightest clue of what they’re doing and rely heavily on sentries. I don’t mind carrying a teammate or two but I will no longer play a horde game when all the engineer does is build more sentries.

My current engineer build is decoy health & discount, barrier discount, repair boost and sentry discount (despite how much I hate sentries, if you play with randoms then you’re going to need sentries, keep them to a minimum but you need to be able to buy one without waiting for resources to be available).

EDIT: flaw is a wrong word to describe this situation as there is nothing wrong with the build, what I tried to say was that although this build is the best, people playing way above their skill level or simply refusing helpful advice could lead to failure in a fair number of cases. This build plus an average scout with two slayers and you have a recipe for success.

The ammo from boxes is heavily limited on inconceivable, overclock is awesome but if you build enough lockers the team can do just fine.

Then I ask you: is it too much to ask for players who effectively play their role on incon?

Maybe you already answered it:

Resupply lv. 6 + 2 ammo boxes per round (considering other classes can rely solely on lockers) work just fine for soldier. No need for sentries.

We don’t know if that Siphon Soldier has Level 6 Resupply.
Anyone else may compete with the Soldier from getting two Ammo Boxes.
If I was playing Scout, I’d be getting Ammo Boxes for Grenades.
Or a Sniper may collect Ammo Box for full EMBAR clip (without Magazine card).
If the Soldier uses a lot of Grenades in such short time, their Grenades would take time to recharge or not at all without Resupply.
Lockers alone will support team mates but what will support Siphon Soldier if they don’t have high enough or Resupply at all?
It’s supposed to help the whole team.

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I play fine this way.

Is it necessary for scout and sniper rush for boxes?

Getting Frag Grenades as Scout from Ammo Boxes and tagging Scions gets MVP. :+1:t2:

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that build is without a doubt the best one to enjoy an inconceivable horde game.

While playing Heavy or Sniper I’m thrilled when I see the engineer build nothing but decoys yet in order for that build to work you need at the very least 2 slayers on the team. One can get most kills but at some point a guardian will fly through and wreak havoc just because people cannot play without sentries.

Most of my horde buddies gave up on the game months ago so if I’m to be engineer on public inconceivable I’ll play it safe and build lots of barriers, decoys, lockers and a few sentries at the back.

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… Or gets punched and killed and compromises 2x energy collecting.

I guess it’s 8 or 80 here. Don’t really play just to finish, for bounty, credits.

If I don’t feel confortable with my teammates, or the game itself, I won’t struggle to quit.

I wouldn’t put noobs as a flaw to that build, but to horde itself. Guardians are a weak point though, and that’s why I try to keep my dropshot always sharp. Even as engineer.

(BUT Today on public incon… Grenades worked fine for soldier, although I couldn’t hit a single Guardian with a drop, it was frustrating.)

Guess “flaw” was not the better wording for that, maybe I was being sarcastic and I didn’t realize? :smile: I’ll edit the post.

It is frustrating when playing at the highest levels and your teammates do stupid things over and over, I’m fine if they sit in the corner and don’t bother the rest but sabotage is something I can no longer deal with and I do consider two heavies who cannot bother to pickup a dropshot in order to kill a guardian to be sabotage, extra ammo and damage and you still use the salvo’s? really?

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Heavy suffers the most on incon. Only 2 bullets for each gun from ammo boxes.

That’s why I use overclock. People complain about it being epic and hard to develop, but it’s worth it. Regular lockers take double the time to recharge…

Hey I’m in the same boat. I’m definitely the best at/most comfortable with playing scout and have had numerous compliments/invites based on my performance there.

I’m definitely least confident as engineer at the moment as I think to be good it requires more actual horde experience than the other classes. For example, for scout, movement and evasion and general judgment as to what situations will get you in trouble can be learned to a large extent playing versus. Firing drop shots, sniping, grenades, etc are all skills that can be developed in versus as well.

The engineer’s duties are nowhere to be found in versus.

With that said I did max my engineer and had a couple of successful runs but not without a few bad matches beforehand where I made people mad and got some early quitters :smirk:

Good advice here as far as what cards to run as engie.

Yup, it all depends on the capabilities of the team… I can’t remember last time I played with 4 randoms… I bad random can totally mess up the game, if they pickup energy or buy stuff…

I like how the game has progressed. First it was all about turrets and Salvos, then sentries, now Dropshot/Embar/Shocks… There is something for everyone…

We play with engineer having the team revive because the engineer is usually around the Fab and doing team revive doesn’t stop a killing class from, well, doing the killing…

I think guardians are the new bosses, few guardians buzzing around on incon are far more dangerous than any boss (well, Kestrel is very annoying on incon: so yeah, flying robots are the pains, everhthing can be easily dealt with with even a half competent team)…

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