Enforcers reload

Why is the enforcer the only weapon that has a reload you cant jam?? I mean technically you can jam it but you shouldn’t be playing Gears if you jam the enforcer. Theres no risk reloading the enforcer

The enforcer is already terrible weapon design so I’m not surprised. It’s sole point is to “counter” the gnasher but it isn’t consistent in later ranks. If you do Enforcer/Gnasher you completely lose the ability to long distance support. If you do Enforcer/Lancer your slaying is extremely limited in cover fights

tl;dr : the enforcer sucks balls and not because its strong but because its a bad weapon for utilization overall.

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I do agree with you but it doesn’t answer my question. Every weapon in the Gears universe(besides the hammer and all types of grenades) has a risk/reward. Reward is the active risk is jamming the weapon. I just wanna know why the enforcer doesn’t have that

Wish the reload on the enforcer wasn’t so quick and simple. I feel it would be a little more balanced.

thats what Im talking about theres no risk with the enforcer. EVERY other weapon thers a risk to reloading. You really gotta be stupid to jam a f*cking enforcer