Enforcer recommendations

(Sarlaac FETT) #1

I already know that I’m going to get A LOT OF HATE for this. I recently started using the Enforcer so I could get the achievement Enforcer mastery. Didn’t take me that long to get it but, I’m sticking with the Enforcer as my loadout weapon.

The reason for this post is that I would like to formally ask TC to INCREASE THE RANGE AND MAG SIZE in core. I know they’ve done some minor changes to it in competitive. The reason for the request is that…

  1. Hammerburst was taken away (despite a majority didn’t want it to happen)
  2. Gnasher is basically a sniper rifle. The range is ridiculous
  3. Its a SMG. On micro bursts the bullets should be able to travel more than 3 feet to down a enemy opponent who is in retreat mode. Without having to switch to your snub to put more damage on a fleeing enemy.
  4. Every other weapon can reach out and touch you EXCEPT for the one which would make sense.
  5. Even the Overkill had extra range added to it.
  6. Already said, but its a SMG. I understand the spread will widen if you go full bore holding the trigger down. But, not if you burst fire the weapon.

I get a lot of hate mail after the matches. But, so did I when I used the Hammerburst and Lancer. Most of the time I laugh it off cause its funny what they say. Mostly , Endorcer/Lancer/Hammerburst noob. And other stuff I can’t write. Salty players out there when they get pwnd.

(waterflame116) #2

I’ve downed and killed someone on glory with the enforcer from the turret to the boomshot spawn. I don’t think it needs a range buff. Mag size is fine too.

(Ektope) #3

Enforcer can hit a target from across the Map while Gnasher can’t.
More range than Gnasher.

(Sarlaac FETT) #4

Were you burst firing? Did you have support fire? I played a match on glory yesterday and shot a enemy going for the frags from the boom spawn stairs (Enforcer) and he was able to run towards their spawn shocks and get away. I chased him firing the enforcer. It didn’t down him. I had to chase him all the way to the backside of boltock spawn before I was able to down him with help.

(waterflame116) #5

I had absolutely no support fire, and I was burst firing obviously. Active reloaded too.

(Carpus Fenix) #6

Never thought about changing the Enforcer, don’t use it myself but the times I did it was mostly pretty close range or cover firing down a corridor. It never felt weak as long as you had the ability to aim though I did find myself reloading a load during shootouts.
Against the enforcer I find if the person again had great aim it was something I had to think twice about since you’ll get hosed down in a few seconds out of cover, and if it’s active you can just stomp the person in-front easy.
Can’t remember the reload time on it but maybe if it were a little faster at reloading, say the Snub speed it might sort a few situations out.
From personal use and engagements though the size of the mag is enough for the weapon.

(Sarlaac FETT) #7

I’m not saying it needs a buff. Just longer range. It’s drop off in my experience is pretty drastic. It’s a great close combat weapon and it does stop gnasher chargers in their tracks 90% of the time. Firing from cover on a charging enemy it will put them down pretty fast. The reload time is just right. The mag size could use maybe 5 more bullets cause sometimes when you down a person your weapon is on its last rounds and you either have to pull your snub, gnasher or meatshield a enemy before his teammates revive him.

(Teady Bearz) #8

I agree it should be buffed. Maybe they could increase the range and lower the fire rate? Possibly make it burst fire and give it lots of stopping power at range? Probably give it really good accuracy too. Ya, that sounds like a nice weapon.

(Carpus Fenix) #9

Not used it in a while for me to strongly say either way, will pick it up later maybe tomorrow and get back to you on my opinion. From you it sounds like an extra 10% ammo size count may not seem that bad an idea. I don’t remember the range being an issue but as I said will need for use with it.

(Major Schaefer) #10

And (if I’m understanding you correctly) maybe rename it to reflect its’ attributes - the fact that it’s burst fire and ‘hits like a hammer’? :wink:

(Mayhem64) #11

I’d actually agree with the clip size, you practically need to hit with the entire clip to down someone.

(III EnVii III) #12

You know,

I’ve never really used the enforcer before much in MP. I have used it in SP but then that was it.

People would always get really triggered when others would and it was almost like you were cheating if someone used it.

But over the least 2 weeks or so,

I’ve seen that my Master At Arms Achievement has been stuck at 95% for a while - it had to be the enforcer kills I am missing.

So I’ve been using it since and I actually really like it!

Clip Size is probably a little bit too small but it’s actually a fun weapon that punishes those that run aimlessly with a Gnasher!

(Krylon Blue) #13

The Enforcer is only frustrating when a high ping player is using it because there’s really no way to counter it at close range due to their crazy amount of sponging. Otherwise, if you get frustrated by it you need to change your strategy or learn to aim better.

(III EnVii III) #14

I get that - if I throws me into a high ping lobby or if there are high ping players - their rifles are incredible.

If they start shooting you there’s almost no way to get out of that - the rubberbanding ensures you get sucked back into a Down if you try and evade.

You become stuck in mud and it’s really hard to play agaisnt.

(Saber Skywalker) #15

I’m an avid user of the enforcer and I agree the clip size could use a bit of a buff, 1 on 1 not a problem but if it’s 1v2 all I ever do is down1 then the other while their getting each other up, yea sure I do change to snub for the kill sometimes but then I’m swapping back to an empty weapon while the other guy charges forward, but that’s not my main problem with it, it’s the ammo count, I empty that gun so often and ammo is sparse as most still use lancer, personally I’d like twice the bullets or for lancer ammo to also be used in the enforcer, or general ammo packs on mp maps XD lol

(Carpus Fenix) #16

I just finished a game (Core TDM, Blood Drive). Have this thread open beside me. I found that if there is anymore than 2 people it’s difficult but there was a moment where I downed someone, reloaded, downed and killed the second but then a third got me before I finished the first person I downed. Going to play a few more but using this weapon only isn’t bad. Got MVP. It was certainly a strong choice.

Second game was then on Dam, I got zoned very easily and there was a lot of cover for movement that was hard to zone myself with the small clip. The benefit to this weapon however is that the reload rate takes as much time as a pause from the Shotgun between fire so constantly reloading during every small breath seemed a must do to keep up the pressure. I also came best in team that game, although it feels so damn weak I was getting high assist points for kills at long range making me believe that the range damage is fine, like others have said you just have to burst with some control. Want to be better at range? Pick a different weapon.

Third Map is Drydock… Take cover by Lancers central. This map I had huge difficulty with it’s too open and you’re under fire before you get out of the spawn zone, it isn’t logical to use the weapon here so I can’t blame the weapon. Unlike the second game that I played the range damage was pretty damn terrible at what I would guess as ten feet I hit about 15% damage before a Lancer killed me (didn’t look at ping during the time but everyone was floating about 20-80 and I hit consistently). Still was able to down people a lot more but their teamed doubled in many situations which caused a lot of issue.
I had to mix strategy a little between rounds to be more effective, controlling something like the grenades over the Longshot for example was more managable at the start of the rounds.
That said often fighting two anything by yourself isn’t easy if you only have one.

It was only three games that I played but for ammo count increase overall I would say the gun doesn’t need it but it felt so underwhelming it might just be better/more enjoyable to use if it did have that little extra in the mag, never once had to end someone with a Snub.
For me it’s a no go though. But then, I was someone who started with the Hammerburst.

TL;DR: I played three games only using this weapon, It was either very good or just awful depending on the skill and movement of the opposition. Gun could benefit from additional ammo in the mag and stockpile just to feel better for the user though it isn’t necessary. Maps have weapon pick ups, use them for situations.

(Danjeras) #17

The only serious recommendation regarding the enforcer that is worthy of consideration is to remove that affront to Gears from the game entirely.

(HayMaker304) #18

Lol you must get rolled on a lot with dudes using it.

(Danjeras) #19

You know what, once the other teams starts to lose the enforcers tend to come out. Strange that.

(Krylon Blue) #20

That’s only because the team that was winning is unable to adapt. I don’t use the Enforcer myself but I find the only reason the opposing team has success with it is due to Gnasher only players with subpar movement and aim feel they’re invincible. Once the Enforcer lays down some “enforcement” on those players they complain and want it removed. Truthfully, a player using the Enforcer is at a severe disadvantage if players would stop playing one dimensional.