Enemy variety needs to really change we need legacy enemies

So coalition has had the gears IP for over 6 years and some change now. I understand that to bring the locust and lambent into horde they have to remake their AI and ingame assets.

Honestly for future sake they need to make it a priority to bring back older pve characters. They have been working with UE4 for almost as long ad they acquired the series and I’m extremely surprised they have not done this by now


That’a actually a great idea, but knowing TC they’d probably lock it away and slowly trickle it out to us one enemy at a tim, or make us pay momey for it.


I agree! Would definitely love to see a mix-up of both Swarm and Locust in waves together. And some boss variations as well.

Oh, and them getting rid of non duplicate character use. It’s really awkward when you’re in a lobby, and both you and another guy have the same character refusing to change…


I would love to see Reavers and Corpsers again


100% agreed. Horde needs a refresher and more enemies. This idea has been on the forums since Gears 4 and I’m sure TC has answered it before but I dont know honestly.


They don’t have half the enemies that gears 1 through 3 had. The Swarm look like giant bacon monsters. Terrible design very generic just like the music.


Hell yes this would be great but after seeing Gears 4 get nothing added to it except for new maps I fear this won’t happen.

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Leaning against an open door with me. I have been banging on about this since Gears 4 release.

I know TC want their own stamp, which we now have, but don’t ignore such a rich history.

As for cannon, I say cannon,shannon, who cares.
I play 2.0 every weekend and it is in another level to both of TC 's efforts. They should embrace all that we have in Gears and specifically Horde.


2.0 best horde ever hahaha

You had locust versus lambent versus cog. Was always fun to see the locust try taking on the lambent while trying to kill your team


why is it generic?

It needs more then just variety at this point. It also needs some type of randomization. Its too predictable.

I also think we need a variant where its just a never ending army until you die. No rounds just more and more enemies. Kinda like a hydra, you kill 1 swarm 2 more pop up. After you kill a certain amount lets say 100 they get stronger, after 150 they throw in Swarmack. 300 kills 2 Swarmacks


I would like to see new monsters first, instead of infected deebees. Warden was a nice addition but isn’t enough. Adding locust and lambent enemies would be great, I still prefer NEW enemies, but knowing how TC/Microsoft work, I doubt that.

Not only do I want the locust and lambent back but I want RAAM and Skorge to be a boss fight in horde. The sky darkens, RAAM is surronded by krill and a squad of black theron. Skorge could be off screen on his hydra shooting us like a kestrel. Once we blow that up he drops down and has a group of Kantus for back up.

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Every single Locust should make a return, to both Escape and Horde.

They should also bring back older weapons like the Digger. ■■■■ that dumb “lore” argument, everything went out the window as soon as they introduced Emile, Kat, Sarah Connor and the T-800 anyway. Nobody cares about lore in Escape, Horde and Versus. We want fun, not logic: It’s a video game.

And this isn’t TC’s prestige project, if the Locust are not only considered better and more original but also more popular than the lackluster Swarm, they ought to do something with it. I never liked the Swarm and think they aren’t just lame but also inferior in every aspect compared to the Locust and many seem to agree.


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I mean, OG Locust designs were in Gears 4’s campaign opening. You had drones, grenadiers, boomers, reavers and a corpser.

If I’m not mistaken there were Lambent at the Anvil Gate part, but I honestly don’t remember. Point is, they’re there. Corpser would need movement and AI programmed to become a boss since it was stationary in the campaign, but Reavers seemed to already have flight and landing animations down pat.


They said in a dev stream that they only have the tech to reskin enemies in Horde. So they don’t know how to add enemies like a Kantus or a Drudge with their different behaviors and abilities. It’s very disappointing that they won’t make the effort for Horde to be as fun as it was in 3.

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Well in campaign they had locust drones and if what they said is true is just a reskin of a swarm drone it’s not that far of a stretch to reskin the hunter, matriarch, and grenadiers.

The way I see it the animations are already saved and could be used for locust characters. I’m fine with them having the same animations. I just prefer the look of the locust in general. Also if they cant add characters how did the rev 9 get put in?

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I agree to me in G4 they reminded me of some sort of sea humanoid that learned to walk. Like crab people or something.

I miss the great design of the locust with their armor and clothing. The swarm are wearing rags and scrap metal lol.

Don’t forget Locust architecture!

But yeah, the Swarm doesn’t do anything to me. And not to mention TC’s departure from the Locust aesthetics, both in terms of design and color palette.

I wonder if there are people who actually prefer the cartoony Swarm over the legendary Locust. Well, besides Rod F.


The Swarm look like generic lizard monsters. Locust were more humanoid and had more personality. All the swarm look the same . Music is generic heroic background melodies you find in most Shooters. Original gears music had a feeling a dread and fear of the unknown. Hard to describe.