Enemy variety for horde mode

No this isn’t a thread about adding a new boss to the game but that would be pretty badass like Dana throwing out a great idea for adding RAAM to horde.

I wanna focus on what seems kinda possible in game.

[Enemy type ideas]
-Lancer imago-
I know its still going to be fodder but i feel like adding these in the place of the usual enforcer imago in later waves would make it more challenging.
-Boltok hunter-
Adding this onto the two hunter types we already have would probably be a bit much but i think making these the more common hunter types on the later or earlier waves would be pretty fun especially given the way they move mirrioring the boltok drone from gears 2.
-Lancer GL Deebee/DR1-
this is probably a hit or miss because on one hand the GL is basically a portable nuke but on the other hand giving this to the Deebees with a nerfed mortar attack would be pretty fun in my opinion and would be a cool alternative to the Guardians.
-Talon DeeBee-
I don’t really have a reason for this one as the talon is the poor man’s gorgan pistol. It just makes sense to have.
-Chanting Scion-
I know every scion did this in gears 4 but I feel like it would have more of a novelty if it was just one type.
-Breaker mace Drone/hunter-
I feel like having another dynamic melee type enemy would be pretty fun. Again I’m gonna make a nostalgic reference but these enemies would work more like the savage theron from gears 3. Of course remove the slam from the equation.

I had a few other ideas but they have sadly fled my brain :’). Let me know what you guys think though It doesn’t even have to be types either it could be enemy tweaks like returning Frags to grenadiers or imagos being able to be DBNO

Matriarch with Breaker mace!? :thinking:

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I don’t know about weapon damage tuning but what I do know is that the AI bots may not have been programmed or coded to use the GL rockets. Because when giving Jack-controlling Swarm a GL and cancelling Hijack, it won’t use the rockets.

And the Breaker Mace in hands of Swarm Drones and DB are one swipe to instantly kill, possible OP. Unless their damage was reduced.

Warden with Pipes.

Swarm Drones with Hammer of Dawn would be fun as well.

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More enemies? I’m still waiting for them to return Scions,Centinels,pouncers and juvies with frags for less than 3 players.Only drones mode is ridiculous.

no offense to you OP but all your ideas sound kinda awful…

If TC ever decides to add more enemies than they have a plethora of cool and interesting enemies from Gears 1-J to look towards, some of the enemies are “easy” to implement because all TC has to do is give them a loadout and balance them in Horde and they’d work, RAAM is a good example of a Boss character that would work just fine in Horde.

I do miss the old boltok drone from gears 2,3. I could be remembering them incorrectly but I felt like their AI was programmed to be more of a distraction and would prioritize base defenses more than attacking players. They’d run in, kick shields, and run out. They were very evasive and their movements were very unpredictable. Their movements made them feel a little more comical so i’d rather see them as a cyclops or bolter instead of a hunter.

Is the chanting scion similar to the kantus that revives dbno drones? With kantus skins already in the game, it’d be nice if they could return as well. It’d be a little strange seeing them without the gorgon pistol but i’d be ok with the regular kantus with a hammerburst or talon; maybe the stalker kantus with double talons, and the armored ronin kantus with a torque bow. I remember them throwing ink grenades pretty often, so maybe they could use incends or smokes depending on the difficulty.

Any AI with a GL would be very annoying to say the least especially for revives …imagine waiting for a revive and then as your teammates get to you he gets blasted with a GL rocket and he goes down and u explode …the Chanting scion as a sub boss would be dope since it would make the difficulty a bit higher since right now no sub boss is really tough since we usually use a scout to distract while we clear the field …a respawning chanting scion would be a challenge since the buff would be difficult to counter without killing him(guess limiting respawns would balance it out) the matriarch is a annoying enough especially in frenzy if they spawn with a snatcher

I’d wish we’d get more enemies in Horde. But I don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon… ;(

new enemies would be great