Enemy auto-lock, beyond annoying!

I knew the juvie was gonna attack, and combined with the Grenadier attacking, I was gonna take damage, so I JUMPED BACKWARDS to avoid. This happens SO much and is one of the most frustrating things about this game, along with other things.


Ah the good old, im just gonna jump back a bit to avoid taking damage but instead the camera turns round 1st then u roll backwards towards or past the enemies.

Yeah, think i hate that just as much as instant transmission from the drones.
@GhostofDelta2 did i get it right?


Sires, Juvies and Rejects also like to do this. Sometimes the game even teleports your own character around as well.

Wardens appear to be the ultimate masters of this technique. I’ve had them frozen in a spot as Lizzie quite a few times while they were not moving around - naturally - but I was shooting at them and wasting my ammo to no effect. Then when the Warden became unfrozen it decided to teleport several meters back through the door it came from, several times on repeat until I got tired of its shenanigans and slapped it with some explosives to finish the job.


Wonder what the cause is…? U think its their high ping?

Sadly, I wish I could write it off to high ping but unless someone is hijacking my games, the bots have no ping and are using some other unknown method to achieve their “teleporting”(something I do not recall being an issue in prior Gears games online with bot enemies unless a rare lag spike occurred so no idea what is causing this mess).


Its like when u go to melee them the gm detects that “enemy” has tried to avoid u but u still connect partially with the combo before they can do the avoid animation but the gm thinks they avoided u so they appear where the animation would of finished.:thinking:

Git gud

I am so glad that this doesn’t only happen to me; I’m actually also very glad that you have it right here on video so I can replay it again and again.
Auto lock… like your camera turned to the enemy because it thought it should?
If this is a danger and an inevitability then hopefully I get some ideas out of the video of a less glitched option.
Some of the way that they impose set wait times for different actions actually makes their PVE almost like a fast paced turn based game.
Sorry I don’t have anything useful but you’ve helped me understand the problem better now. Thanks :smiley:


Yeah I think it has something to do with model collision and animation/hit reactions causing the game to ■■■■ itself. Most of the time teleporting happens to me is when I Melee an enemy, but for whatever reason they don’t get stunned, and then they start teleporting around, or if a juvie lunges at an odd angle near cover I find it will teleport. As for the wardens, I haven’t had too many issues with them teleporting, but I’ve had a ton of issues with hitboxes on them. I can’t count how many times I’ve had boomshots pass completely through their head or chest, like it is Warden the not so friendly ghost. It could also just be a server issue, not your own connections issue. Has anyone tried to see if this stuff happens offline? Can you even play escape offline?


That’s mad weird, I have never seen that happen before. One question, are you sure you didn’t hold the roadie run button down just a little bit? I’ve had that happen to me many times, where I hold it down while pressing back just enough so my character auto turns around and then I roll

The only way to avoid this is to wait a little bit after the melee before dodging. Unfortunately, waiting is usually not an option on master.

This is caused by bad anim transitions settings conjoined with bad network.

Some animations like walking, running, idle standing animations are made without changing position in x,y and z axis (simple character runs in place).

Animation that requires altering object in within space like executions, some melee hits animations, jumping through cover, getting staggered or pushed back by explosions, simple animations that require to move objects ignoring players input.

Unreal engine needs to translate every object position directly from those animations ignoring whole input made by a player.

If you would set in mantle over cover animation to translate player position only from input, you would encounter 2 things that are related to other settings and situations that would occur:

  1. Mantle over cover anim would teleport player back to starting position, negating ability to jump over covers.
  2. You would be able to move while jumping, giving ability to stand on cover or making an Olympics jump for couple meters further, jumping on sides etc.

Proper setting is important to avoid teleports. And that’s why those damn enemies teleports in close combat. Some animation probably has set bad translation type, adding poor network code, when server tries to correct some enemies position it freaks out and teleports some enemies on whole maps.

There is a chance to glitch out enemy movement (like blocking enemy path with fabricator) but in escape is rather impossible to do such things.

PS. Bots also glitch out that system as they can focus on object while not facing it, ruining whole animations that get animation direction directly from pawn rotation.

PPS. Here is a clip I made while back I was doing horde for gears 1 pc

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I have deleted multiple videos of this occurring because I didn’t want to flood this forum with videos about this, lol. @Nineteenth_Hour solution is the answer, but it leads to a lot of deaths. But it’s the only answer towards this, at this moment.

No. I normally instant melee then dodge.

You’re 1000% right. But it is useless playing on Master, just like the video showed. I knew 100% that if I don’t get out of that last juvie range, the Juvie and Grenadier were gonna end me, or produce enough damage even though I was in venom.

That microsecond delay on evade is crucial on Master. No room for error, so you don’t have the window to allow that.

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This does mainly occur in PVE. I have not got it in PVP but several times when playing Escape and Horde

Heh I tested some situations and input settings and probably found thing that causing such behavior.

Reason of it is really small delay that games has set to read roadie run input reading.

If you hold A button to long while pulling your movement stick down, it’ll cause pawn to turn around and start roadie running. But sometimes when you are in hot situation like on this clip, you repeatedly click A button fast enough to make game read input as pressed button, so you turn around and then games correctly reads input to jump backwards.

It does not happen when you separated roadie run and roll. Devs should check for input reading delays, cause this error is similar to insta jamming reload when you want to Chainsaw.

Also having the roll and roadie run binded to one button, game needs to decide which action should be done, so sometimes this actions from clip should happen as game freaks out and do something unpredictable, but it’s happening far to frequently.

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