Enemies excuting downed olayers in campaign and horde

how can you avoid not being executed by a bot in either case?


Keeping your distance from them? And not going down.


Gasp! Really? Does that really work?

Yeah surprisingly you’d never think that’s the way to avoid it would you? Crazy.

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Why would you want to avoid not being executed? Isn’t that something you would not want to avoid? I’m confused…

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This has gotta be a troll right?

I’m not even messing around. All of these posts from the OP are truly “baby’s first cover-based shooter” level.


According to your friend yellow cat, messiah of clueless players, it’s not allowed to make fun of such posts…

But yes, they’re all surprisingly weird.


This is the one that creeps me out:


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If you check the dudes gamertag he has literally never played Gears
Take that as you will

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