End Season Skins?

I placed masters in TDM and KOTH last season and yet I still havent gotten my Bronze, Silver, Gold, Onyx, Diamond, or Master skins. Last Season I got it right away as well as the season before that.

Furthermore, I wonder if we will be able to get previous operation skins. I.e. Masters lancer, Gold gnasher, etc…

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Monday I reached the Master rank on KOTH but I haven’t got the skins yet I hope that soon you will be able to give them to me,
According you,they release the Master skins?

Strangely, this morning I found the Onyx and Gold skins for season 3 in my inventory.
I never ranked higher than Silver! :rofl:

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Did you play Gridiron and place the day it came out before they reset the ranks?

No but maybe a week later.