End boss is stupidly frustrating PLUS glitch

Spent 3 hours battling him. The amount of enemies that get spawned is far too many. I can’t deal with the boss because of the endless enemies. Shooting the rocket pods is almost pointless as it doesn’t do much?

Then got him to bout one shot left. Someone was downed in between the rocket pod target area because I was focusing on the boss…he gets killed…but get this… IT ERASED EVERY checkpoint. And I had to restart the whole battle 3 hours ago.

So I’m done with this game now. I have atleast 1 legendary gear in everyone. I have plus damage in grenades. Reyna has all crit damages. Sniper has all crits and max damages. So infuriating. Such a waste of time.

the head of the campaign? it is very easy to block your attacks with gl

Their talking about gears tactics, think u mean gears 5.

Same thing just happened to me. Playing on Insane, got the Hydra down to it’s last health bar. Sadly, Gabe and Reyna got caught in an impossible situation so I just restarted the checkpoint. The game began the process of reloading, but then I noticed it flashed the Gears Tactics logo in-between loading (something that never happens), and when it finally finished, I was sent to the beginning of the mission. I’m f**king FURIOUS. Now I have to have a perfect run with no mistakes because I run the risk of having the entire damn mission reset. What. Thee. HELL.

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