Encountered a couple cheaters



Edit: Does this really hurt someone’s feelings enough to get flagged? lol


But TC has sort of abandoned the forums so …

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I’m sure @Crazyjacknuts knows the deal. Here’s been a member quite a while.

While the forums don’t allow callouts, I do think it’s productive for people to communicate something is going on and to be aware.

When people see trends of reports, then something might get looked at.

You can also forward video proof to mods to forward.

Just because people don’t post videos doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.


I remember when the game was released, they made a big deal about the anti-cheat measures that had taken place. Was supposed to be near impossible to hack and cheat the game from what I read at the time.

Players being better than someone else. Impossible. Theres actually no way.


There’s no skill gap.

We’re all equal !

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@Crazyjacknuts Was it something like this?


Who would’ve thought the EMBAR has a secret longshot mode?

Yup, the players were on my team tho, so I couldn’t see their view unless I died. I was following them around tho, and it looked snappy like this. Just with a lancer. The distance didn’t matter, as long as they were within sight. 1 or 2 shots was all it took. Some enemies were behind cover just outside spawn and being trapped, they’d pop up and be downed almost instantly. This was on ephyra, the cheater was right at the last piece of cover at the power weapon spawn facing their spawn so QUITE the distance.

They were all just dropping like flys.

I don’t know what the average players play time on this game for people who strictly PvP but I have NEVER come across hackers and I actively play both PvP and PvE. Quickplay, Competitive and Horde.

I’m not saying Hackers don’t exist but I don’t think they’re very common. Back in Gears of War 4 they were way more common but its really really rare to come by them now.

I play quite a bit


I’ve played ALOT of Gears 5 and have never seen a hacker. I did see one single hacker in Gears 4 tho. He had a lancer that insta downed people. Lol

Back in gears 4, I was about 50/50 with pvp and pve. Now I’m about 30/70 with pvp and pve. I still have 50+ days played in 5 and 70+ in 4.

The point is though, I cant ever recall running into hackers. But I’m sure I was more then fortunate enough to not run into one.

I also don’t think terrorists are very common.



I currently have around 1000hrs clocked and I mostly play competive and I’ve definitely come across this a couple of times. Having said I do mean literally a couple of times.

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Imagine comparing terrorists to video game cheaters

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