Enable lefty flipping at any moment

Lefty flipping has been a thing since gears 2. It’s allowed in the game but there’s always some gimmick on how to do it. Flipping to the left should be done by a push of a button instead :slight_smile:


been complaining about this since 2006… its not gunna happen. that would require effort. and into the game play. not the store…

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I do believe the series 2 elite controller can switch to other configurations at the flick of a button. You can set lefty setting on one of the profiles and switch to it on the fly.

Just out of curiosity, when would you need on the fly switching between right handed and lefty config? Handing the controller off between left and right handed friends taking turns?

They’re not talking about controller configuration but making it so the character holds their weapon in the left hand while aiming which allows you to basically create “left hand advantage” around covers where you would come around with your weapon still facing the wall while the opponent on the other side would have “right hand advantage” and a clear shot while being less exposed, if you didn’t use it.


Ohhhh, I totally misunderstood. My bad. Thanks for clarification.

There is the workaround of leaning out of left side cover and holding target aim while you step back but you have to hold the target aim and it’s nowhere near as good as right hand advantage. Gears 2 had the most versatile left swap because you could hit target aim while sliding into cover before you even hit it. They took it out of G3 above for whatever reason. I guess the best counter to right side advantage is a back A.

No. That’s just lazy.

I know but i mean to switch to left hand with out that nonsense. having a button to switch your player to left hand. there for getting rid of right hand advantage

Ya I see what you mean. That’s not a bad idea to look into.

They should go the first person shooter route and “shoulder” the rifle against their sternum to get rid of handedness…

What button

Why, RB of course, together with another button, to ensure you will also reload your gun while doing it. You know, for player convenience…

This would be an awesome and much needed feature but you know giving the middle finger with the thumb stick is a priority so just make sure you always stay to the right side of cover.


This is a core function for a robust TPS in my opinion. Any TPS without at least an aim side switch is usually a worse experience for it. Gears is no exception.

Nah clicking the left and right stick at the same time will do.

and of course the emote screen will pop up also, give you the default selected “they fracked my tomatoes up!” scream…

Lol maybe the Y button or the click the left stick when your not in ADS. Idk there’s plenty of buttons on the controller something can be done