Enable Hammerburst headshots?

The Hammerburst is a pretty cool assault rifle, but is very unused due to it being a pick up weapon, lack of power, and not even game changing to the point that it’s not worth picking up unlike the retro, markza, and even the enforcer. Should they enable headshots to make it a more useful pickup weapon like the markza?? Maybe only on active reload headshots are enabled??

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I find the hammer burst still really strong, I always grab it.

I love the weapon, but definitely no to the idea of it doing headshots in Versus. It would be far too easy and make it ridiculously overpowered.

OP…you’re scaring me…

Gears 3 beta hammerburst was a load out weapon and it could headshot

Loved that weapon more than any other weapon in Gears history. Was gutted when I saw that it wasn’t in GOWJ or G4/G5. It suited my mixed style of range and close combat with the gnasher. Plus I liked the pew-pew-pew of firing each shot off as quickly as you could manually.

That being said, I’d certainly welcome the current hammerburst as a loadout weapon again. I don’t care if it can’t headshot, but it’s not strong enough to be worthy of a pick up weapon. I don’t think it needs nerfing, but if nerfing its damage slightly means it can be brought in as a loadout weapon, I’d take that over having it as a slightly stronger pickup weapon.