EMPTY PROMISES Cant move cant shoot Nothing!

Seriously guys i hound you for weeks to get a response for you to tell me octus that you will sort out the server still no resolve ping up to 250 then i get an update and the guns dont work after reload as i said why release the game here if we cant play .I mean seriously i would be happy going back to 4 too much unnesecary stuff and not paying attention to the actual working lart

Try twitter or reddit, TC seems to have abandoned the forums.


I am on every social media site TC would start replying on twitter and then just dissapear so i need to spam to get attention again . facebook insta you have no damn idea how this struggles been going on for but thank you though

Make a detailed post about your problem in the thread “Spending more time here”. Ryan Cleven has been spending a frankly shocking amount of time there, methodically responding to community questions/feedback about the game. It’s probably your best bet if you’re hoping to get the dev’s eyes on your problem on this forum right now.