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In continuation of Bustad MyTinder’s “We’re all Bored & In Quarantine,” posts–I thought it’d be interesting to think of in-universe, fitting Emotes for Gears 5–since they’re obviously here to stay. I’ll make my list and then feel free to add! —It is a forum after all.

“Carmine Luck” - For any character with a Helmet, have them do Anthony Carmine’s Lancer jam animation from UE accompanied with something along the lines of “Oh I hate this stupid thing, it’s always jammed.”

“Dipbshit” - A voice line for Marcus where he shakes his head.

“Feel the Power!” - The classic “Feel the Power of the COG!” line as the character holds up whatever gun they’re holding by the top.

“NOOOO” - Marcus drops to his knees, throwing his arms to the sky and shouting “NO!” real loud, 10% Chance of him shouting “DOM!” or “CARMINE!”

“Banner at Arms” - The character holds up their equipped banner, planting it down in front of them. Will last about 10 seconds before it crumbles away.

“Big Guns” - Cole or Clayton hold up their biceps, nodding forward and then bringing them down in a curled position, “Hell Yeah!” they shout.

“For the Queen” - For all the Locust, as they point forward like Raam and shout, “For the Queen,” Myrrah says “For your Queen.”

“Classic” - The Terminator melts into the floor, all that’s left of them is their arm, with a thumbs-up, they then un-melt back into reality.

“Healing Day,” - The Kantus gives us his signature scream with the classic Gears 2-beginning pose.

“Corruption,” - You watch as the DB is slowly taken over by Leeches, then they squirm away restoring him to normal.

“Feed” - The Swarm/Locust grab a large arm off the ground (Presumably a dead human) and take a big hefty chunk before throwing it down.

“Western” - Have a character spin their weapon around in a circle, shouting “Giddy up!” or “Yeehaw” (For whenever Dizzy is put into the game.

And this is all I could think of at the moment. Let me know what you think.

The only thing i want emotes to do is not exist


But sadly they do so that’s why I tried to propose Emotes that aren’t so Cringe-worthy, or make more sense I guess.

“Got your back like a buttcrack”

This one is both practical and would be funny coming from someone like Marcus


Emotes should have been exactly like I suggeted to TC back in g4.
The emotes should ONLY consist of the lines the gears say during gameplay and campaign. The emote wheel then lets you choose your favourites and lets you say them at will.
I’d be spamming EAT.THE.GUN. all day.

None of this cringey as F louie spence dance-o-rama animations (seriously did the hire louie for these the are soo OTT and overdramatic).None of this half an hour long fist pump rubbish (who thought that was even normal, let alone looked good?) , just gears and locust saying cool gears and locust ■■■■.

I really, really hate how cringey they are are.

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My biggest issue is the animations, and it’s always 75/25. There’s one or two that look well animated and others look like SFM student projects that’re all botched and janky.


I want the ability to have more than 4 expressions at once (or do you mean something more passive.
I’ve got 4 that I really like to run but can’t with Keegan because I need “group up” to give players a chance to benefit from his ult.

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That’s an idea but more for @Nineteenth_Hour’s QOL post. This was mainly about general ideas for emotes.

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Reminds me. Tell me again if there’s a way to disable them from the right click stick?

You can remap it but I don’t think so.

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I have an elite. What would I remap it to?

Maybe a paddle I never use? That might work.

When I get sweaty in a gnasher battle, I always press to hard and the dang menu comes up. Annoying.

Possibly, just be granted that you never use that paddle. You can toggle the one way Weapon selection on D-Pad and map it to left on the D-Pad.

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Are you serious? Lol.

How much muscle memory is pressing left on the dpad for every Gearhead?

I’d throw the controller.

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…or “TAI!”

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Oh when Tai comes out… how about…heh… A Gnasher to the face emote? Eh? Too messed up?


WOH WOH! TAKE IT EASY! It’s just pegi 7 game!


Make it a self-inflicted execution when he’s down.

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Just a good ol’ flippin’ the bird emote, tbh.
I feel like it really embodies the “Gears spirit” lol.

I do like the idea for the Kantus one, though. Kantus was one of my favorites because of that scream.


He’ll say “everything happens for a reason”



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