Emote things... Actually asking

Is there a “good game” one?

I see people celebrating and pistol fingering and crying and dancing and clapping but I have yet to see somebody where it is saying good game at the end… That’s about the only one i would use but i don’t see it.

You could use the salute.

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There’s the thumbs up emote.

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…that looks dumb as hell.


Also enjoy the fact that 90% if the items seen in the launch trailer were unlocked in the Store/TOD.

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A “thumbs up” is not gears to me… Needs to be something but shiza, i don’t know…

Maybe holding up cog tags as the swarm MVP to show respect

It does, but you can use that as your GG emote.

I guess that is the “good game” or whatever emote but let’s face it, if and I mean IF these stupid emotes have to be in Gears could they at least not have a gears twist like EVERYTHING used to in these games.

A COG character kneeling down to a hammerburst cross or a locust character kneeling down to a lancer cross could show respect.

That’s Gears not some stupid thumbs up…I literally can not bring myself (as an old man) to do a thumbs up emoji thing.

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Most of what’s been added isn’t gears…imo its embarrassing the route this game has been taken…but its clear to see a lot less people are playing…kinda don’t blame them🙄

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Don’t take this the wrong way, as my intention isn’t to start anything, but seeing a CoG member kneeling in front of a hammy or show any kinds of respect to the Locust/Swarm would look just as stupid imo.

Same thing in reverse, as in a Locust/Swarm showing any signs of respect to a CoG member. If anything, they should be p.ssing on their grave or something (a bit too far, I know, but you get my point I hope).

Imo though, all emotes look and sound stupid right now though.

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Essence if tc just concentrated on the games problems ie…pvp and pve…id be happy…this endless run of nonsense junk that just keeps coming…is simply annoying at best😑


I agree 100%!

They should be sitting around the table thinking up ideas and THEN asking “how can we make this fit into the gears world” not “what can we toss in here that may or may not be fun”.

EVERYTHING should have a Geard twist.

Problem is vettle…tc/ms went after a playerbase that simply wasn’t there…this game is 13 years old…if u dont play it now you never will…gamepass will pick up a few…but they’ve dropped it and moved on…so the “gears community”…are left to pick through this broken mess they’ve created…its a crying shame to see the franchise in the shoddy state/position…its currently in🙄


Back in the day when people actually talked in the lobby we would say “good game” to each other we had respect for each other after the game.

Once the game is over …and let’s be honest it’s just a game… we would say good game… now nobody is in game chat so if these stupid freaking emojis have to be in there I would like to have one that would show to the other team I respect them cuz I’m not a 12 year old who has to rub a win in

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I honestly think the lack of chat…is peeps cant be bothered to listen to the drivel peeps come out with…i always go into party chat if im solo…if theres 2 or 3 of us we’ll do the same…u dont need emojis…banners…marks…stupid laughs/comments from characters…thats the thing about gears…real players know when they’ve just been part of a good team/game…its all really not needed…as is much of the crap tc pushed into gears 5🤔

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Agree again. It just isn’t Gears anymore.

So sad… But what the hell else am i going to play that isn’t old…i only play Halo, Titanfall, and Gears.

Banners, emotes, etc. should NEVER have been put in.

doesn’t it though!? I hate the thumbs up emote. Especially on the cog, they just didn’t get the mouth right. It’s supposed to be a happy or appreciative gesture, but instead the mouth looks like a five year old being asked to smile for school pictures.

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I just don’t like the whole animation. Just flashing a thumbs-up for a couple seconds would be a lot better than them standing their with their thumb out and shaking their head like an idiot with that goofy smile on their face.


The sorry wave emote works in almost ever situation.

To the OP, the vocal “Cheer” emote might work.