Emote spamming has gotten worse

They really need to let people mute expressions (by muting the one spamming, like muting their mic). It seems like it’s at its worst before the round starts. It cuts off whatever battlecry a character was about to utter.

On a side note, why is the Pistol Fingers expression so popular?


You can mute them. There is an option to mute character dialogue.

The pistol fingers is popular because it is the 2nd highest tour reward below general.

I want to specifically mute expressions.

You can’t. It’s not harming your experience.

It’s definitely harming MINE.


Wow, well pull up your pants and play the damn game britches.

Just letting you know one nit-picky complaint doesn’t make changes around here. Hell, a worthwhile complaint with 500 signatures doesn’t make changes around here.

This isn’t a nitpick. Talking about the glitchy effect when the life counter on the top left has misaligned portraits is nitpicking. Talking about the Ripper execution cutting off at the end (real annoying) is a nitpick. Talking about how the Swarm/Locust call the DeeBees human is a nitpick.

When emote spamming is so bad it makes me stop to tell them to shut up, so bad Casan’s horrible laugh can GIVE AWAY YOUR POSITION (WHY can the other team hear the emotes?), then it’s an actual problem that needs addressing.

It’s a nitpick. That’s a social issue not a game issue. I guess they could take away the audio but there’s also the chance of your character shouting “RELOADING,” while you’re trying to sneak. At the higher levels of gameplay you won’t have a chance to sneak around, especially players like me that use headphones and pay attention to every footstep. Casan isn’t your worst enemy.

I am

That’s the only fix at the moment. Muting character dialogue also mutes expression dialogue. No more COG Gear laugh.

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Except his issue is with positioning, which won’t work for stopping the enemies.
Attentive players will hear you no matter what. I remember once hearing the Gnasher reload sound bit behind me, turning around quickly and blowing away a Grenadier.

He can always go to the other players’ houses and mute dialogue in the menu.

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Only illegal if they catch you.

I mean he needs to knock on the door and ask politely of course. And be ready for solicitor-grade rejection.

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Characters don’t say “RELOADING” in Versus, so that’s a non-issue. Plus, no one but you can hear jam or active quotes for some reason.

You can still hear footsteps.

Positioning is a secondary issue. I. Just. HATE. Emote. Spam.

Oh well.

Yeah, no ■■■■. That’s not my issue. The ■■■■ are you on about?

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It’s unclear what you want. No emotes? But you still want other dialogue? No emotes for only your enemies? Just lay out you plan man.

He doesn’t want enemies to hear his allies emoting because then it gets him killed?

Honestly I’ve had a couple spammers on my team and it’s strange how—I still end up getting MVP. (Some of the time,) normally I’m just top 3 of the game. But that takes skill.

You can’t let some ■■■■■■■ shouting in the corner throw you off. Get better. Out manuever and outplay. If anything use those allies as bait around corners.