Emote expressions

I have played a few games of horde now where Ive tried to use emote expressions and they don’t work, is it just me or is anyone else getting this

I played a match where the female cog kept spamming a laugh emote the whole match. It got real old thirty seconds in. Please share your bug with that guy.

I’ve also experienced this in horde, usually when I join mid game. A few, sometimes all my emotes won’t work.

In some hordes none of them work apart from the hi, hey there or whatever hello emote u use, that’s what I get

Same goes for me.

Yeah that’s annoying, been there, that’s the time u wish they weren’t working

This might have been me if it was like an hour ago.

Halloween skins and Terminator #3 mark?

It’s still like it, can’t use expressions apart from hello