Emote Baiting Trick! | Gears 5 Tips

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ive been doing stuff like this since gears 3.

Sometimes just sitting there and staring is enough also

Also when the game devolves to a lancer fest, botwalking and spraying is fun. Usually someone will try something.

Gears players in general have little understanding of the art of baiting

Oh I had many good times on that game playing simple, yet effective, mind games.

It’s never surprising how many people take the bait, becoming entirely predictable and ultimately dying.

I love how EVERY 2v2 match someone always stands still to bait people.

Emotes do indeed suck
but like someone said this has been a thing since forever even without emotes
I don’t think this will be super game changing either, this just means when I see some idiot emoting I’m going to lancer them instead of head downing them and risking the embarrassment.

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Lmao exactly!