Emile&Kat(In Gears5) So should any COG visit the Halo Universe?

With Emile and Kat(from halo)dropping in on the Gears world to help fight Swarm.
So should any of the Gears drop in on the halo universe to help agaist the covedent.

BTW:If they do what gears would fit into the halo universe?


Clayton Carmine and his brothers or their armor and helmets made in the form of Spartans for customization in Halo Infinite since these characters don’t show their faces.

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Came here to respond but you’ve covered it all. Carmine in halo sign me up. Perfect transition to halo just like Emile and Kat. Side characters who fit the description

Although I wouldn’t call Kat and Emile side characters especially since they were main characters despite them dying.

I guess what I mean is they are in one title only for obvious reasons. I consider them second string to the halo franchise. Like as much as it would be cool,l and fun master chief would’ve been terrible in gears 5.

Don’t speak too soon, he may end up being a character if the other noble team members don’t show up as DLC.

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Could be, but I don’t see them letting the face of their franchise get chainsawed or mutilated.

Now theres a thought…Would spartain armor stand up to the lancer chain saw?

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Would’ve been a cool effect to see they’re shield recharge when health regenerates and see the electricity when close to death. Would’ve been some crazy applause if they made that happen.

Remember what Cliffy B said, “Master Chief is too much of a ■■■■■ for Gears.”

Yet they let it happen to Kat and Emile which is something I never thought I’d see.