Emerald phantom and phantom skins

there probably has been a good amount of posts regarding these but I’m just gonna ask anyways. I was away this weekend and heard last weekend or something they gave away a good portion of the phantom/emerald phantom skins, Does anyone know all the skins that were claimable and if so were the lancer gnasher snub given away? Those are the only ones I care about and would hate to have missed one of the only chances to get the one set of skins I wish I had gotten the first time around

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I know it was the longshot, overkill, and maybe the gnasher

Emerald Phantom Gnasher was released last week I think on Fight Night not sure, I somehow got it without watching the stream, and today the Emerald Boomshot and Emerald Hammerburst were given. Few weeks back the Blue/Red Phantom Dropshot and Overkill were given out