Emerald Gear Unlocked?

So I just checked my achievement progress for the emerald gear to see how far I am, and I saw that it said .01% of players have unlocked this. Who the in frick has unlocked this already? (Maybe it’s a glitch but I doubt it). Anyone got tips for me? Been playing most of the weekend and am at 5%

Likely devs or a couple virgins that played co-op vs AI since Friday


To be honest, it’s pretty doable in a mathematical sense if you grind Versus AI.

Remember that downs also count so if you use a rifle to down an enemy and kill them straight after you get 2 toward the target of 9000.

I’ve done several Versus AI games where I’ve just focused on rifles (Lancer and Enforcer) and it’s really not hard to average around 45 kills and 45 downs in KOTH which totals 90 and is 1% of your total target. It’s just very boring.

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Ok, thanks for the tip

Strange, I’m looking at the cheveos now on my Xbox and it is saying 0% unlocked. As for me in at 13% I ONLY play KOTH ranked, so will take a bit of time. I hate co-op v bots though.

Around 55% here, since Friday. It said 0,00% unlocked it…

Guess mine glitched or something idk. But dang 55% that’s nuts, keep truckin dude

I trust that is all legit…:wink:
No farming bots in pve. :slight_smile:

In Co-Op that is… ;p Don’t care if it’s legit or not, it counts so why do it the hard way when you can do it the easy way. I’m at 70% as we speak. Grinding, and grinding…

Saw one on public insane Boss Rush.

It was an ever pinging/ sniper striking wings 9 ‘sniper’ that shot nothing, actually.

Despite I had to pick his butt (and all others) downed teammates more than once, he called me a “wings 5 and still noob”, after energy went zero on wave 8 and I gave up.