Emerald Gear, hump magnet, lol

Lol, every time I got killed while playing that skin I would get plowed… EVERY time, by every one, haha :wink:

I don’t care but it made me laugh…

Pretty much everyone we’ve run into using this skin is a laggy player that humps everyone so we pay them back. :joy:

Haha, no offence taken, absolutely, I can confirm for most part emerald gear is for people who grind coop against casual AI and rage against team mates who dare to cap, in koth :wink:

I happened to like the character, so I did what I had to to get it, but yeah, its meaningless from “ranked versus” point of view…

I hope future kill/down based specials will be ranked-only… It was sad how many obviously very good VS players were just running around blowing away casual bots… game after game…

I did a 50min koth on fuel depo and ended up with over 200 kills/downs… it was fun, my fave map, but no more satisfying than Horde :wink:

Yup, yup, definitely for nerds who grind :wink:

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