Emerald Gear! END OF DAY

Please make emerald gear reward END OF DAY ! Please

I have been working diligently on getting my 9K kills and i am at 8,500. Thinking i had END OF DAY TODAY . Please fix this team

Yeah, i had a week and a half, if not more, worth of play not count towards my emerald gear. Sitting around 7700 right now so i figure i probably wouldve had it by now. Going to keep playing to see if i can get it. Challenege is still up on the xbox app

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How would you see it on the Xbox app ? Under what section

TC have said that the challenge tracker experienced a visual glitch and no progress has been lost. Just that the number representing your progress messed up and showed deductions. If the challenge is still up, then keep at it cos you’re probably not far off.


Man i hope so, but i dont have high hopes. My tracker started tracking again after i hard reset my xbox.

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I just checked My Rewards and it says that the Emerald is no longer available

I think its over my friend. I didn’t get it either

Yeah thats why i came into forums to see whats up, sucks but i think i missed the chance

Can some one tag some one from
The TC?

We should have till END of day today !

But that would all depend on what timezone you were in…

End of day is end of day . 11:59est/8:59 pt

Very upsetting

Oh sorry i guess i meant the achievement list on the xbox. Although i havnt seen it move in the past hour :confused:

What’s the name of the achievement

Uh it was called somethint like season 5 emerald gear challenge but ites not there anymore, guess it got removed within the last 30 minutes. Sorry man

How long have you had the game for?

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Why did you guys take down the emerald gear challenge around 11 am this morning abruptly? If it ends on February 7th, why not let it go all day to give allt of us a chance to obtain this challenge for diamond challenge ranks also. I was 98-99% to completion of this challenge and then suddenly it just stops. Had maybe 150 kills to go and then y’all just cut if off. I had problems with the gears servers this weektryijg to connect to matches and was grinding my ■■■ off to complete this this morning and all of a sudden it’s up and gone. Kinda crappy if you ask me and honestly y’all should put it back up for a few more hours to let a lot of us finish this challenge. Very disappointed with how you guys run your challenges and just cut them off with no communication as to what time in the day these will end .


Smh procrastinator

The “end of the day” is relative to where you live…

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I don’t procrastinate bro I work 70 hours a week and have kids. Plus other obligations in life. I don’t just sit on my but and play video games all day. Thank you very much . Think before you speak or comment on something or someone you know nothing about bro. :v:

Mike was trolling you bro🤣